Texas 9, Atlanta 5

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If it’s not one thing, it’s another. Kyle Davies got knocked out of the box, giving up five runs in the first and six in 2 1/3, and the Braves were never quite able to come back. When they did start to challenge, Gryboski struck. The two runs he gave up in the eighth were charged unearned, and he should have been out of the inning. But Marcus only committed one error, while Gryboski gave up two hits and threw a wild pitch; it’s not like he was pitching well. Vasquez got out of Davies’ jam in the third but gave up a solo homer in the fourth and will probably be sent back down tomorrow when Brower reports.

Some of the relievers did okay. Kolb continued with his recent nice work as a mopup man, allowing a hit but needing only 13 pitches to get through the fifth. Foster needed only 12 in a perfect sixth. Boyer allowed a hit off his own foot but struck out a man in the seventh and probably earned himself at least a few more days of major league meal money.

The Braves actually had only one fewer hit than the Rangers, and two more baserunners (albeit in one less inning) and if you redistribute them a little they might have come back. For instance, Pete Orr (who led off and DHed) was 3-6 after starting off 3-3; if he’d had his hits later in the game, with runners on base, things would have been different. LaRoche, Andruw, and Langerhans all had two hits, Marcus was the only Brave without a hit but drew three walks — but also had the error.

Seven rookies started for the Braves tonight (out of ten starters, due to AL softball rules) the most since 1978. Only Giles, LaRoche, and Andruw were veterans. Julio was supposed to start but had a fever.

The good news is that the Braves will not go 1-2 in their next series. It’s a four-game trip to Cincinnati. Three on Turner South then the finale on TBS. Smoltz will face Brandon Claussen in the opener tomorrow.

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  1. I think that I’m a jinx. The last couple of times I’ve actually been able to watch a game we’ve sucked early and couldn’t come back. I know that Davies didn’t have anything but what struck me was our inability to drive a stake through Park’s heart when we had him bases loaded no out.
    The Texas lineup is ferocious isn’t it? Young, Teixeira, Blalock, Soriano and Mench are one tough middle of the order. I’ve read rumors that they are looking for yet another bat!!!???? Shoot their bullpen almost made our pathetic situational hitting look good.
    I think that Langerhans is a keeper. What a defender. If I see Brian Jordan in right one more time this season I’m going to vomit. He aint really hitting that bad either this being his June line .350 .413 .550.
    But our pitching. GAG. I never thought that I’d be pining for Mike Hampton to return.

  2. But Marcus only committed one error, while Gryboski gave up two hits and threw a wild pitch; it’s not like he was pitching well.

    Wow that’s harsh. With two outs and a runner on first, Grybo induced a routine soft chopper to Giles to end the inning. Marcus somehow plays it so poorly the man on first scores, something you would think is impossible. Giles standing there looking at his glove instead of pursuing the ball reminded me of little league.

    Anyway, we somehow lost a game in which the other team started Chan Ho Park. The 2005 Atlanta Braves: Hitting New Lows Nightly!

  3. Mac, I enjoyed the overall effect of your spotting of stars and black marks. Nothing major. everyone keeps their job. Your report reminds me of Rob Neyer’s analysis of ESPN baseball.
    You write: “The Braves actually had only one fewer hit than the Rangers, and two more baserunners (albeit in one less inning) and if you redistribute them a little they might have come back.” Rob would turn this positive statement around to its opposite effect and roast the individual players for not coming through in the clutch with men on base (followed by a historical review of each player’s performance in similar situations….I prefer to read your assessment rather than Rob’s. Keep it up!!!!!

  4. The good news is that the Braves will not go 1-2 in their next series. It’s a four-game trip to Cincinnati.

    They could have a rainout :D

  5. Gryboski has found new ways to keep his ERA low while still allowing runs. Keep up the good stats, Grybo!

  6. I loved seeing BJ as cheerleader!!!!Can anybody tell me what’s going on with TBS!!! I have Adelphia(cable service) and they do not have Turner South!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I’m no fan of Gryboski, but that really is unfair–he should have been out of the inning.

    Maybe people need to recognize that this is simply not a very good team. How are you going to win with a lineup starting 7 rookies? The Braves are in a rebuilding mode and maybe it’s time to accept that it’s not Bobby Cox’s fault. It’s simply the inevitability that after 13 years, the Braves are due to have a bad year. I like having the young players in the lineup, but it’s unrealistic to expect them to step in and not miss a beat. If the veterans were playing better, it would be different and maybe they will pick it up after the All-Star break. By the way, who is the Braves rep going to be? Is there ANYBODY on the team that deserves it? My bet would be Smoltz. Oh-I forgot, Andruw Jones is a perennial All-Star, especially with that scintillating RISP average.

  8. I almost wish the Braves were truly in a rebuilding mode. If only because it meant a guy like Gryboski wouldn’t still be around. He doesn’t even have a Kolbous upside, really (although, to be fair, he was pretty useful his first year or so). I’m still hoping he hits the DL. I don’t see how Vasquez has much left to prove in the minors. He hasn’t been great obviously, but it’s only a couple of outings. Grybo has been miserable over a rather long period of time.

    I’ve decided to avoid all Andruw discussions for a while (don’t know how long that will last). But I do agree that Smoltz is the lone worthy All-Star. Well, actually, I take that back. Estrada probably deserves it too.

  9. Smoltz appears to be the obvious choice at this point. Andruw was an All-Star in 2000, 2002, and 2003, his three best seasons. Obviously he doesn’t deserve it this year, nor will he get it. Giles or Estrada would have to heat it up now in order to merit contention — right now they don’t.

  10. You do have to look at Estrada in comparison to other catchers, right? If you do that, you will find that he is one of, if not the, best in the league this year. Especially if you factor in his excellent CS%. You can say that he’s getting a boost from weak competition, and you’d be right, but that’s just how this thing works.

  11. You’re right, Estrada is closer than I thought. His CS% of 41% is impressive (by the way, how about that Yadier Molina…17 for 26 65.4%!), as well as 0 errors. All things considered, I’d say:

    1. Barrett
    2. Hernandez
    3T. Estrada and LoDuca

  12. Molina’s arm is pretty amazing. He’s a lot of fun to watch, that’s for sure. I’ve been thinking about becoming a Cardinals fan lately, so maybe that would be another plus (just kidding, of course).

  13. Everyone was shocked when Tiny Tim signed a long term deal with the Braves knowing he could get more on the open market next year.

    Reason we got Tiny Tim at the bargain rate of $47MM?

    a) he wanted to be closer to home
    b) he believes he extend Braves pitching legacy
    c) Schurholtz has allegence to AU folk since Johnny Jr. went there


    d) timmy realizes his body is breaking down and he signed before the season started b/c he knew his value at the end of the season would be questionable

    After his recent slide, my guess is Answer D.

  14. Maybe Billy Beane knew what he was doing; that Hudson was breaking down. (Of course, that doesn’t apply to Mulder).

  15. Maybe the problem is that TBS is now the station that knows comedy?…Sadly, though the play is laughable it only brings anger and tears…would we be doing better on TNT?

  16. In fact, maybe they could work the Braves trouble into those tbs ads…(Operator) “So, you say that Andruw keeps smiling even as he pulls outside breaking stuff for weak grounders…and this Kolb figure isn’t worried about walks?…I’d say you could laugh, but, might I suggest you’d feel better shoving something sharp into your skull”

  17. Right Jason!! I hate that slogan!!! Maybe we need our team to play with more passion and less indifference!!!! Yesterday was Giles turn…

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