8 thoughts on “I worked hard on this”

  1. I have to tell you I am shocked to see the loose ranking out in such a venomous way of a guy that isn’t that important. You don’t like Stuart Scott? That’s ok but to make fun of him in the way you here have is just a sign of either immaturity or stupidity.

  2. Very funny. Though (and I’m a white guy not prone to scream racisim) I think it is interesting that the final two are probably going to be Smith v. Scott. The two most successful black men on ESPN are the two most hated? Granted they are two awful hacks (the fact that David Aldridge doesn’t have a prime-time show and a million dollar contract is a crime), but ESPN has no shortage of brain-dead preening white hacks. It is telling that most people found these two the MOST aggravating. Personally, I would have thrown Dan Patrick and Jim Rome in a burlap sack and made them fight to the death—then shot the winner.

  3. I don’t think that’s likely. I think Skip Bayless will beat Smith and then cruise over Scott. I may be wrong, but Bayless has certainly gotten the most vitriol thrown his way.

    Also, the SportsCentury for Reali is much meaner; Alex wrote it and he didn’t pull any punches. He’s writing the Bayless one too and it will probably be even meaner.

  4. That would be encouraging. I think Reali would win the whole thing if he wasn’t so insignificant. Who is he related to at ESPN anyway? I can’t even figure out how he got on TV in the first place.

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