3 thoughts on “Rotating sponsorships”

  1. And there sits Russ Ortiz’s page open for sponsership for just $15 bucks. I may have to do something about that.

    Some fun Russ Ortiz facts:
    The turning point of his career came when he conquered gopheritis in 2001 (cutting his HR allowed from 28 to 13). Since then he is 52-26 with a 3.57 ERA. But his consistency is what stands out. His batters faced the last three seasons: 911, 911, 912. To this point, the most similar player to him in all of baseball history is…Kevin Millwood. The most similar player at his age is…Bartolo Colon.

    Of course this won’t stop writers on this site for saying that Ortiz is at best a third starter and the Braves really should have gone out a signed a true ace like – say – Millwood or Colon.

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