I’m going to declare a winner in center field:

CF Murphy

It’s still rather close between him and Andruw, but I don’t see it changing, and there’s too little support for anyone else for a runoff to change much.

Shortstop was a virtual four-way tie. I figure we’ll have a playoff. First up, Jeff Blauser versus Rafael Furcal.

Rafael Furcal
Jeff Blauser

Furcal gets the edge in speed and probably defense. Blauser had more power. Both missed time with injuries, Blauser probably more. Blauser’s 1991-92 stats are perhaps skewed from being sporadically “platooned”; Belliard, another righthander, would often start against righties, especially in 1991. The overall run-scoring environment was lower in Blauser’s career, but the ballpark was better to hit in.