I’m going to declare voting closed in the left field race. It’s relatively close but I think we have a winner:

LF Hugh Duffy

I have had to cut more players from this list than I would have liked to. The final ten are:

Andruw Jones
Dale Murphy
Rowland Office
Dusty Baker
Felipe Alou
Mack Jones
Bill Bruton
Wally Berger
Billy Hamilton
Jim O’Rourke

I wound up cutting Dick Johnston, Ray Powell, and Johnny Cooney. All were old-timers I figured wouldn’t have figured in the vote, though they might have been better players than a couple I included. I cut a sixties player, Lee Maye, though he might have been as good as the man he shared the position with, Mack “Superfluous K” Jones. Otis Nixon missed the cutoff by about 400 PA, I think. Grissom, Lofton, and the rest of the men who manned center (barring Gant, whom I counted as a left fielder) during the Murph-Andruw interregnum were far short.

Hamilton and O’Rourke are Hall of Famers. The latter qualifies in part for his service in the National Association. Berger was an All-Star who could have gotten into the Hall with a little luck.