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I’m no fan of batting average, but I thought I should point this out:

NL Leaders: Batting Average
1. Gary Sheffield .361
2. Edgar Renteria .348
3. Rafael Furcal .338
4. Marcus Giles .337

Sheffield’s second to Bonds (who else?) on OBP, and the Braves have two other hitters (Marcus and Chipper) over .400 there, with Furcal at .394. Sheffield leads in slugging at .653.

If you’re hung up on traditional counting stats, Andruw is second in RBI with 40, Sheffield right behind him at 38. They’re tied for ninth with 10 homers. A little home run surge from Gary and the triple crown talk will start… Furcal leads the NL with 43 runs, six triples, and 63 hits. Sheffield is tied for second in runs with 38 (is there any doubt who the MVP is so far?) and Giles tied for fifth with 33.