I’m calling second base for Marcus Giles, who had just about as many votes as the next two candidates combined.

2B Marcus Giles

Next up, shortstop.


Rafael Furcal
Jeff Blauser
Andres Thomas
Rafael Ramirez
Marty Perez
Sonny Jackson
Dennis Menke
Johnny Logan
Rabbit Maranville
Herman Long

Yes, it’s an actual Hall of Famer! Well, it’s Rabbit Maranville, he of the .258/.318/.340 career line, but he’s in the Hall of Fame. Plus Herman Long, whom some people think should be in the Hall of Fame. For the first time, I actually had more qualifiers than spots (I’m limited to ten.) I cut two old-timers, Eddie Miller and Billy Urbanski, risking retribution from their legions of fans.

No, Walt Weiss and Rafael Belliard didn’t qualify.