– MLB – Box Score – Giants at Braves

The Braves jumped out to a big lead, and the Good Ramirez showed up, so that leaving ten guys on base and hitting into four double plays didn’t come back to hurt them. I wouldn’t count on that continuing.

Horacio went 7 2/3, walked three and struck out only two, but got some at’em balls and held them to six hits, and most importantly kept the ball in the park. He threw 64 strikes in 102 pitches, which is a pretty good ratio for him.

The Braves batted around in the first, scoring four runs, the big blow Adam LaRoche’s two-run double. They got three more in the third, with Kelly Johnson hitting a two-run flare double with two out. The rest of the game, they concentrated on not scoring runners. LaRoche, after his double, hit into a couple of double plays, which is really aggravating but not unexpected because he’s been hitting a ton of ground balls lately and Andruw was 2-3 with two singles and two walks.

Francoeur went 4-4, all singles, raising his average to .432. Furcal had three hits. Marcus walked a couple of times and singled to extend his hit streak in his last AB. KJ had two hits and a walk. Betemit was the only hitless Brave, breaking an eight-game streak.

Jim Brower sucks; he loaded the bases, getting just one out, in the ninth, leading to Foster pitching and Reitsma warming up. Foster put out the fire. Boyer threw two pitches to get the last out of the eighth.

Marlins won; Natspos have blown four runs of a five-run lead in the seventh. Mets and Phillies are out west… Smoltz versus Kevin Correia tomorrow on FSS. The Braves smacked him around a few weeks ago.