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  1. from Buster Olney…

    The Braves could non-tender Marcus Giles today, David O’Brien writes, and if they do, Orioles owner Peter Angelos is going to feel pretty smart. He killed a Giles/Adam LaRoche for Brian Roberts/Hayden Penn deal last week, and now the Orioles could conceivably get Giles for nothing and trade Roberts for LaRoche and more.

    Did I miss something, I thought we were trading Giles to free up money? Why would we decline arb. on him and and then try to aquire the same player and price tag in Roberts? Olney must be missing the point, or am I

  2. Reading that gets me misty…

    What a great guy—humble, honest. And I love that bit at the end where he’s talking about trying to make a difference in the world, but he’s not all sanctimonious about it—that’s how you know he means it.

    Also, it’s interesting to see that his biggest influence was a coach named Jack Dunn. That, too, was the name of Babe Ruth’s first real coach (other than Brother Mathias), the guy from whom his nickname was derived—G.H. Ruth was Jack’s “babe.”

  3. The thought of acquiring Brian Roberts for “LaRoche and more” is sickening. I wish this offseason would hurry up, because every day that remains is another day that a frightening trade could occur.

  4. You know, every single stupid Hall of Fame voter who doesn’t want Dale Murphy can go sit on their thumbs. We’ll ALWAYS have him. Whether or not he makes it to Cooperstown, he’ll always be in Atlanta.

    We miss you, big guy.

  5. Yeah csg, I also got the impression that ‘ol Buster was missing the point of the potential non-tender.

  6. Off topic:

    Does anyone have thoughts where AI is going?

    I’m thinking the Kings, Clippers, Nuggets, T-Wolves, Celtics or the Warriors.


    Kings- Allen Iverson

    Sixers- Mike Bibby and Kenny Thomas

    LA Clippers(not likely, clippers don’t want to give up Shaun):

    Clippers- Allen Iverson

    Sixers- Corey Magette and Shaun Livingston


    Nuggets- Allen Iverson

    Sixers- Earl Boykins and Nene


    T-Wolves- Allen Iverson

    Sixers- Randy Foye, Ricky Davis and Eddie Griffin

    (I think this is the best deal)Boston:

    Celtics- Allen Iverson

    Sixers- Delonte West, Al Jefferson, Theo Ratliff or Kendrick Perkins

    Golden State:

    Warriors- Allen Iverson

    Sixers- Jason Richardson, Troy Murphy and Mickael Pietrus

  7. Good to see an interview with Murph. He was my favorite player growing up like a lot of young braves fans from the 80s and back then i didn’t care much what he said just what i saw him do on the field, so now to see him do an interview and talk about HOW he played the game is good for me.

    I hope Francouer can become something like Murphy on and off the field.

  8. You know I’ve been thinking that if a players demands to be traded then he should have to veto his no trade clauses. That team should be able to trade the player any where that they want. For AI to demand a trade and then block a trade to the Bobcats, makes him a piece of crap in my book. Quit complaining a do your job…..Why do they allow these players so much power these days. If you dont want to play go home for the rest of the year.

  9. Jenny, he’s all but gone with no return I’m afraid. I have a hard time understanding how we wont offer Giles, Thomson, and Reitsma arb. They are all somewhat valuable and coudl at least bring a prospect, crappy or not, to our organization. I understand the reasons and then again I dont

  10. Well Giles has not been traded, so I guess he has been non-tendered. We’ll find out soon enough.

    csg, I don’t think you understand, at least with regard to Thomson and Reitsma. Thomson was an unclassified free agent, and as such, there was no sense in offering him arbitration. There was nothing to gain. Reitsma will be non-tendered, and why should the Braves tender him a contract?

  11. #3

    I couldn’t agree more, flournoy. I’d love to see a move for Ervin Santana, but otherwise can’t we just lock JS in a closet for the next few months?

  12. My question is this..

    Rockies are looking for a 2Bman. Why cant we dumpy GIles on them for a A ball arm so that he doesn’t become available to the Mets?
    By the way, Rockies did a nice trade jsut now, trading Jennings and Ascencio to the Astros for Hirsh, Buchholz and Taveras

  13. Smitty’s barber just sent me a coded message that said that the Braves have traded Giles to NY for NYMETS. JS has stated that this should at least give some Braves fans something entertaining to laugh about throughout the upcoming season.

    I wonder if we could have got AI for Giles. He could lead-off. He seems to have good speed.

    Sorry, boring day at work…

  14. Godot, the Rockies are apparently content to let Kazuo Matsui, Jamey Carroll, and Luis Gonzalez handle second base for them this year.

  15. Oh I forgot about Kaz Matsui.
    Reason I don’t want the Mets to get Giles is that I think Valentin/Giles would be an awesome platoon at 2B.

    And I read about the trade , whereelse, at Rosenthal’s page

  16. Im sure Giles will love to know that he will be platooning w/ someone if that heppens

    This offseason might have shown Giles how much his value has declined. Don’t see him throwing any prima donna tantrums

  17. Although, how could Marcus Giles reasonably throw a tantrum? “If the Braves aren’t happy with me and don’t want me, then they can just trade me!” “Hey Marcus, we’re desperately trying to. Shut up.”

    He’ll probably have some backhanded remarks about the Braves’ management when he signs with a new team, and given how the Braves have handled him, he wouldn’t be terribly unjustified.

  18. David O’Brien says it’s official, Giles and Reitsma non-tendered. Villarreal and LaRoche will be tendered.

  19. Time for me to go back and grade some finals
    my mood is not good right now..some of dem undergrads gonna suffer!

  20. Anyone else hope the Red Sox don’t sign Daisuke Matzusaka just so he’ll go back to Japan for the next two years just so no one has to hear that horrible “Dice-K” nickname?

  21. What are all these murmurings going around about Marcus having problems besides on-field performance that made the Braves sour on him? DOB keeps implying it and so did the official site. I never heard anything but good stuff about his attitude and whatnot. I wish someone would enlighten me.

    My rational brain tells me Marcus’ peak is probably past him and that this is an OK decision. My irrational fangirl brain is angry and upset because he was my favorite player. Time to tell my parents I need a new jersey for Christmas.

  22. What are all these murmurings going around about Marcus having problems besides on-field performance that made the Braves sour on him?

    PED stuff. one of those guys who buffed big time in the early 2000s.

    And now, back to grading…hopefully

  23. Giles apparently likes to party. A lot.

    Don’t know where those rumors originated from but I have a feeling it was Shanks.

  24. This had nothing to do with drinking. Major league baseball players don’t party, they PARTY!!!! Furcal got his second DUI at 4am on a game day, yet the Braves tried very hard to re-sign him. Steroids? Please, there is nothing close to evidence on this. Might there have been clubhouse problems? Sure, but let’s not dignify these internet rumors. This was a baseball move, and the Braves didn’t think he was worth what they had to pay him. He’ll land on his feet, and I’m sure he’ll be happier in another organization. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Giles is happy about this development.

    And remember kids, THE BRAVES never comment on potential player moves, which is why we were all blind-sided by this.

  25. Steroids? Please, there is nothing close to evidence on this.

    didn’t say there was, but the rumours have been swirling a while now. FWIW, I agree with your larger point that this is a baseball/financial move, and nothing more. Not sure if Giles would be happier somewhere else. His family is here now, and he said last season that he wouldn’t want to move to sd really, and he was very happy here

  26. Godot,

    That wasn’t directed at you reporting the rumor (which you did correctly), but at the rumor itself. Sorry about my lack of clarity. I wasn’t trying to bust on you. :-)

  27. Thanks for the memories, Marcus. I’ll never for get the first Grand Slam of his Major League career, hit off Mike Hampton. From what I recall, he was sent back to AAA the next day. Still, it was a pleasure to watch his hustle and enthusiasm for the game and I wish him the best wherever he lands.

    As for Reitsma, well, there’s not much to miss there…

  28. I don’ t understand why JS couldn’t work out SOME trade for Giles if he knew he would be non-tendered otherwise. So the Padres won’t give us Linebrink, would not they not give anything?

  29. Who and why leaked that Giles was gonna be non-tendered a few weeks ago?

    I’m guessing that didn’t help matters.

  30. “As for Reitsma, well, there’s not much to miss there…”

    While Marcus Giles is gone, there is a chance the Braves could try to bring Chris Reitsma back. So don’t so “good riddance” to him just yet.

  31. I’m pretty surprised that we weren’t able to get anything for Giles. Considering there was talk of Linebrink at one point…. how on earth did we let it get to this? The only thing I can think of is that no one else wanted him at $6 mil and thus were unwilling to deal for him and offer him arbitration. Which leads me to believe that he’ll sign for less than $6 mil. Which surprises the hell out of me.

  32. @ 43 – No one was blind-sided by this. Pretty clear the Braves couldn’t afford him so the interested teams wisely waited. That’s life in the big city.

  33. I hate Liberty Media. Hate with a passion that knows no bounds. Hate enough that I’ll have to stop watching soft-core porn in hotel rooms.


    The rest of the league goes nuts spending $10 on below average starting pitchers. The Braves can’t risk a $5-6m arbitration award on a better than league average 2B.

    Back in the 70s and 80s, it was easier for me to watch because I wasn’t old enough to know that we entered a season where it was hopeless. I mean, how many things have to go well for the Braves to win in ’07? McCann and LaRoche can’t regress. Chipper has to find the fountain of health. Andruw has to have a contract drive season. Hampton has to be healthy. Hudson has to revert back. McDowell has to find a left over bottle of Mazzone magic. Wickman has to eat a salad. Smoltz can’t get old. This is a team that looks like its a nick or two away from a 90 loss season.

  34. “Wickman has to eat a salad.”

    Really? Looks to me from his time with the Braves in 2006 that being overweight didn’t hurt his ability.

    Also Marcus Giles has been removed from the banner at the top of the Braves’ official site. I wonder if they eventually replace him, or just leave Smoltz, Hudson, Andruw Jones and McCann up there.

  35. Really? Looks to me from his time with the Braves in 2006 that being overweight didn’t hurt his ability.

    26 innings.

    He will turn 38 in February. He is huge. His track record is spotty both in regards to performance and health. In the last five years, he has pitched 34, 0, 29, 62, and 54 innings. His ATL ERA was flukishly good and will certainly rise.

    Decent risk with potential upside. But this is not someone to build a bullpen around.

  36. Let’s not lay the blame Liberty or Time Warner, nor sing the praises of Ted “former Braves manager” Turner. No one forced JS to trade Marte for Renteria, even though he had a cheap alternative at SS in Betemit. No one made him trade Miner and Colon for half a season of Farnsworth. No one made him trade Cappy for Kolb. No one made him trade Meyer and Cruz for one year of Tim Hudson, and then sign him to a long-term deal. No one made him take on Mike Hampton’s contract.

    The Braves had the 4th highest payroll in the NL last year. Half of the NL had payrolls below $80 million, and one of those made the playoffs (SD) and another won 78 games on $15 million (FLA).

    And I’m not saying JS is a bad GM. I think he’s pretty good. But the Braves failures aren’t a money problem. Could the Braves improve easier with more money? Yes, but the same is true of all teams. The name of the game is to win with what you are given, and JS hasn’t been given such a bad lot. And I do think if he knew he was working with such a tight budget, he shouldn’t have traded away so many young and cheap players. But, I can’t say that I wouldn’t have done the same at the time these decisions were made. Heck, I liked many of these deals when they were made.

  37. This is so freakin stupid. Why couldn’t JS just trade him for anything? Like maybe Pujols’ left shoe? I would have done that deal. JS better have something up his sleeve or we are going into the season likely to finish just ahead of the nationals. Can we petition Arthur Blank to buy the Braves? He has a lot of money. I mean, How many guys have we lost over the years because of money? I just hate that sports are more business than they are a game now. Ugh, the sorrows of being a Braves fan.

  38. Yeah, Lee, I liked baseball much better when I was a kid, but back then the plantation system was in effect and everyone wore wool uniforms.

  39. Mixed feelings on this one. On one hand to lose a player for nothing that was just a couple of years ago one of the more valuable players in the league is real bad. On the other hand he may very well be on the traditional second baseman flame-out career path so there is no use paying good money for that. On one hand the choices that are left to play second are uninspiring to say the least. On the other hand I will never have to watch Marcus crippling an inning with another mindless first-pitch-swinging popup to short right.

    For me, Giles was the most frustrating player to watch of the recent years because he would mix such stellar play with dumb at bats and defensive lapses. As opposed to Francouer who only offers the latter.

  40. The good news is that at least JS keeps his “I’ve never dealt a player because of salary constraints” track record intact…right? I mean we could have kept him, but really we felt that Prado/Orr/Johnson/other warm body could do just as well–indeed they are primed for breakout years. ;)

  41. So far, Adam Wainwright is really the only one who got away.

    Have you followed Jermaine Dye or Jason Schmidt’s careers?

  42. I get the feeling that JS is ticked with the budget constraints and is playing hardball. I’m surprised that he hasn’t retired – I bet it won’t be long.

  43. We may be hearing about Wilson Betemit, too. Now that we’ve lost Baez, who did almost nothing for us, we essentially traded Betemit for Aybar, and I think Betemit is going to turn out to have been a much better investment.

    I think I may get more upset about Giles as time wears on, once half my brain isn’t tied up following the Matsuzaka mess. If that falls through, too, I’m going to be one pissy person for the next few days. I’m very unhappy with how this ended. I can’t believe we got nothing in return, I can’t believe we can’t afford $6 million in this horrible market, and I can’t believe a player can just be gone in the blink of an eye. Business is business, but you can’t make me like it.

  44. Hey Remy, don’t be a d-bag. Baseball is much more about money now than it ever has been. All because of that damn Curtis Flood

  45. is it possible that we non-tendered giles out of pure respect for marcus? knowing he wanted to either play in a padres or a braves uniform, and we couldn’t afford him, and they were smart enough to wait, so therefore we non-tendered him to let him choose his destination. as a braves fan, that is what i must convince myself happened to stay sane.

  46. I agree that money is a big part of the game, but a salary cap would do much to improve free agency. To just give Giles away like this is ridiculous.

  47. excuse my ignorance,
    is Marcus guaranteed 6 million or is it a projection?
    This whole thing seems weird to me, i guess it is possible no one reall wants him with his declining stat line and injury history, or were they just willing to wait for him to be a FA.

  48. We should have kept Giles and traded Renteria.

    Our defense up the middle is gonna be beyond putrid next year.

  49. Robert,

    Schmidt didn’t become an effective pitcher until five years after the Braves traded him.

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