Gonzo deal was masterstroke

Nobody knows their players better than the Atlanta Braves, Garagiola said, recalling a trade he almost made with that franchise not so long ago.

The pitcher Garagiola wanted was a fairly big name in the game, but the Braves didn’t ask for as much as he thought they would in return.

“That fact alone raised my suspicions,” he said.

Sure enough, the pitcher the Diamondbacks had been targeting – and for whom they had been almost ready to give up some decent young talent – seemed to have lost his skills during the off-season.

The Diamondbacks found out for themselves by jetting over to Florida to scout the pitcher in a spring training game. Garagiola received a phone call advising him to back out of the deal.

He did.

Who’s he talking about? Millwood? Hampton? Maddux and Glavine were ten-and-five men, and Garagiola couldn’t exactly bring up Ortiz in this context.

(Via Primer.)