– MLB – Box Score – Nationals at Braves

Well, all’s well that ends well, I guess. But it took a lot of bad Natspos defense for the Braves to win this one. And while Kevin Gryboski is gone, his spirit lives on. Tim Hudson, John Foster, and Dan Kolb gave us a lesson on how worthless the “win” stat is in a game where starting pitchers don’t complete their games.

Hudson was shaky in the first, allowing a triple, two singles, and a walk but only one run thanks to Vinny hitting into a double play. Vinny, by the way, is now so bad that even the Fox announcers notice it, but not as bad as Cristian Guzman, about whom more later. Hudson after that was great, allowing just two hits and a walk in the next six innings.

The Braves, meanwhile, finally got on board in the fourth when Marcus, who has looked hopeless for a couple of weeks, hit a homer to tie the game. Then Andruw hit a popup behind first base that turned into a double because Jose Vidro can’t field anymore. They got Chipper and LaRoche to strike out, but Jeff Francoeur singled Andruw home. (Francoeur started in right tonight for Langerhans even with a righthander going; I think giving him some starts against righties makes sense, but KJ is really struggling right now and would be a better choice to sit.)

In the seventh, the Braves got another run on a bloop single by Francoeur, a throwing error on a McCann bunt, and a wild pitch, as the Natspo gifts continued. But Bobby hit for Hudson, who had thrown 102 pitches. Foster came in, and continued his recent control problems, walking the first two men. Enter Kolb, who Gryboskied the hell out of this game, allowing two singles to tie the game before getting a strikeout and two flyouts. Kevin could not have done it better.

The Braves got a run with two out in the eighth, though. Chipper singled, then actually stole second when Guzman couldn’t get a tag down. They walked LaRoche, then Guzman, Vidro, and Wilkerson couldn’t get a popup from Francoeur that turned into an RBI double. There were at least four egregious misplays by the Natspos in this game, leading to three of the Braves’ four runs. It almost makes up for Kolb.

The latter, meanwhile, gets a win. Foster, even though he was terrible and didn’t get any outs, gets a hold, because James and Stats, Inc. screwed up the hold rule when they invented it and should have required the pitcher get at least one out Elias is a gang of morons (see Bamadan’s comment). Hudson gets diddlysquat. The only pitcher who gets what he deserves is Reitsma, who pitched a 1-2-3 ninth for the save. And at least one former commenter will claim that Kolb is good and Hudson not because Kolb got a win.

The Phillies are losing, the Marlins and Mets winning… The Braves get the chance for the sweep tomorrow with Sosa against Ryan Drese, who’s been pretty terrible in his last few starts so will probably throw a 3-hit shutout. (Reverse jinx!) It’s a midday game, so it can be on TBS and not interfere with Everyone Loves Raymond reruns.

Note for Jenny and Alex: – MLB – Judge tosses out Comcast’s suit against Orioles

“Orioles attorneys said the ruling means Comcast should now start carrying Nationals games.”