11 thoughts on “Thank you, Jim Bowden!”

  1. I’m sure this has been noted in another thread, but Wilson is at .224/.280/.411 on the road this year, and .244/.312/.441 on the road since 2002. Meanwhile, Ryan Church had a .900+ OPS and Marlon Byrd created a fairly nice platoon. Granted, Church and Nick Johnson have been hurt, but what Washington really needed was to banish Vinny Castilla and Cristian Guzman.

  2. “Add another bat?” I guess that’s technically correct, since I’m assuming Wilson does hit with a bat, but does it seem like he’s still riding that year he had in…I think it was 2003…and nobody’s looking at what he actually does? The home/away stats are staggering, and RFK is one of the worst hitter’s parks in the country. Maybe Bowden sees something no one else does. I hope not.

    I think Brad Wilkerson’s better.

  3. Church did get activated from the DL, so he’ll see some playing time, but you have to know that Wilson will play every day he’s healthy so that they can justify the trade.

    I think the Natspos moves were great for Atlanta. I mean, come on, Stanton?

  4. I’d have to agree with those who have said that this must mean Johnson’s probably out for a long while. Wilkerson will move to 1B.

    The question then becomes, is Wilson an upgrade over Baerga? I’m still not sure – the defense probably takes a hit, but Wilson’s got to be better than Baerga offensively at this point, even if he’s not what he was.

  5. This is such a typical Bowden move. He is a slow learner, though his team has had a decent first half.

  6. Another added bonus: The Braves were rumored to be interested in the guys Washington picked up, so now they will not be sucking for us.

  7. Well, of course he hit a homerun in his first at bat. The %^&(*))s will probably win one to nothing.

  8. How is it they are still not playing in the division? I guess it’s good that the Braves have played (and won) 6 more games in the East than the Natspos, but good grief. Hopefully, the Brewers will make sausage of the Natspos.

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