56 thoughts on “Early Game Thread: Orioles at Braves, June 26”

  1. sleep tight,Mac ^^
    you make me so happy AJ.I am extremely impressed good-bye homerun. ??
    im an awful hog.i hate the 2nd place.
    Go for sweep.

  2. Hope I don’t kill the momentum with my return to the eastern time zone – I am flying back from Scotland today. First game I will have seen in two weeks. Thanks for all the recaps Mac – I sure have enjoyed them as I spend a ton of time outside the country and haven’t gotten to use my tix much this season.

  3. Is anyone else having trouble with the TBS video? The audio is fine, but the video is jumpy, skipping frames like streaming video over a slow connection.

    Is this a universal problem, or is it just my cable company?

    Andruw is just ridiculous.

  4. Thanks, J Leeds. I did some experimentation, and it’s okay if I bypass the digital box. Clearly, it’s a local problem (like, local to my apartment).

  5. Unplugging the cable box and plugging it back in fixed it, in case you care (or ever have the same problem). Of course, it wipes your guide, but since I’ll just be on TBS for the next few hours, it should have time to reload.

  6. Nice to see Furcal come through. Doesn’t change my overall feelings, but still very nice.

  7. It has been reported that it’s more of a problem batting lefty. But he’s been almost as bad from the right side, which has historical been his strongest.

  8. Well, then, that shoots down that explanation for two line drives in as many at bats, doesn’t it?

  9. Looks like he’s either feeling better, getting used to not feeling good or it was never the real problem.

  10. Rotoworld says Jay Powell pitched an anning for the GCL rookie team yesterday. I didn’t know he was there… and I didn’t realize that his TJ surgery was so late last year (July). I guess that explains why he’s been coming along so slowly.

  11. I’d probably go with 15. That way Julio can stay and McCann can keep giving Estrada a day off here and there ;)

  12. Yeah, too bad there aren’t unlimited substitutions like in basketball. Then every team could get their Manute on in the OF every time Andruw comes up.

  13. Can you imagine watching Tony LaRussa managing with unlimited substitution? The games would never end.

  14. Bobby would be just as bad.

    “And, for the 9th time this game, Pete Orr comes in to pinch run …”

  15. If Bobby had more of a sense of humor, he’d have Kolb warming up just to see Smoltz’s reaction :)

  16. After the third amazing Smoltz outing, I think he’s pretty much guaranteed McCann stays up all year, even if he only catches every 5th game. I can’t imagine them sending him down for Perez after Smoltz has been so good with McCann behind the plate.

  17. Now that’s class. If they could just stop with the damned boos when Glavine comes to town (Lofton’s fine, though).

  18. If Bobby wants to go out himself and pitch run for Furcal durring the regular season, I wouldn’t question it. Furcal has played well today, if he heats up we will win the NL East by 10 games.

  19. JoeyT, you may be right. Of course, I’ve been expecting Perez to ride the DL until the end of the season (or at least Sept 1), anyway. I think he’s toast, and the Braves are just letting him go out on his terms rather than releasing him.

  20. If I had a TiVo, I would pause the game for about 20 minutes just so I could fast forward through all of those awful TBS commercials.

  21. I know he’s hot as hell right now, and I know Reed is tough. But I still get nervous seeing him swing like that.

  22. OK. See, now that’s stupid. Walking LaRoche to get to Betemit. I know they were trying to set up the double play, but that’s just stupid. I’m glad it backfired just on principle.

  23. It makes more sense to walk LaRoche to get to Betemit than it did to walk Johnson to get to Giles yesterday….

  24. Anthony Lerew made his first AAA start last night… interesting.

    Is anyone else unable to see the game in the DC area because it’s blacked out on TBS? This sucks!

  25. That is so unbelievably lame. The blackout thing, not the Lerew start. That is interesting. Can you say trade bait?

  26. I wonder if moving Smoltz in the bullpen was a mistake? He was great, but jeez, we sure could have used a few starts like these in the playoffs the last few years. I don’t care what sabermetricians say, this guy is one clutch pitcher. Or else he’s just a great pitcher and looks “clutch” because he’s good all the time :)

  27. I’m in the DC area too. The game was on channel 66, but you had to suffer through all the awful Orioles commercials and commentary.

  28. I really think that it may have been a big mistake. For one, he should have been starting last year… if not the year before. For another, it let the organization fall in love with the idea of a certified “closer”, and we know where that got us this year.

  29. KyleS- It was on the MASN, which I think has most of the O’s games. I would have been equally pissed not to see it, except I happened to roll across it while channel ^’ing toward TBS. (Thank heavens I don’t have a remote control….)

  30. Oh, we don’t have MASN :( We have Comcast SportsNet, which was televising an old arena football game. *sigh*

  31. I have satellite too, channel 66 is referring to the broadcast channel. On DirecTV, its somewhere between 961-980, i think around 967 or so.

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