30 thoughts on “Game Thread: June 21, Marlins at Braves”

  1. Another thing about this lineup, since Pete’s talking about it… All eight position players are homegrown, and Smoltz might as well be. Compare that to the Marlins, who have five position players from different organizations, as well as eight players (everyone but Cabrera) with more than three years experience.

  2. I’m following this on the internet- am I the only one posting from out west?- but this is a promising start…

  3. It’s Andruw’s fault we didn’t score two runs there. He should have known Burnett would throw a wild pitch and grounded to second instead of short.

  4. What the Eric Gregg is Laroche thinking? Ok, Burnett walks 3 guys in a row, so we’ll swing at the 1st two in the dirt so we can strike out on the 3rd pitch looking. Here’s hoping Betemit can pick ’em up…

  5. For those of you not able to watch, LaRoche just had one of the worst at-bats you’d ever see, if you were able to see it. Jonathan described it pretty well. Betemit hit it hard to short for the third out.

  6. I was just going to write that LaRoche has to be feeling a little safe with Marte not getting a start in 3 days.

    I’m gald I wasn’t able to see that.

  7. Yeah, we are winning a GAME 1 against a good team.

    Oh, and GO SPURS TONIGHT. :-)

    (Mac knows…my other favorite team)

  8. I don’t think anyone could have predicted how well Smoltz would be as a starter. Notwithstanding the 1st game of the season, he’s pitched incredibly well. It’s nothing short of amazing.

    In addition, Pete Orr has turned into this year’s edition of Nick Green and Kelly Johnson has really come around as of late. I was about one series from giving up, but I’m sticking with this group of juveniles and old guys.

  9. Normal rest, certainly, since he pinch-hit. Of course, Orr’s little contretemps in the field might have pushed him into the lineup with a minor tweak.

  10. it is an absolute disgrace that andruw is just 10th in all star balloting after putting these power numbers up. not to mention that he is pretty decent in the field. also, he is so damn likeable with that patented smile.

  11. Now hold on people, we all know that Andruw is no where near as good as Preston Wilson. I mean for the amount of money we pay him Andruw should be way more than simply tied for the Major League lead in home runs. He needs to hit two a night to justify his roster spot.


  12. 112 pitches is enough for Smoltz. Hope Cox is smart enough to send Reitsma out for the ninth.

  13. I guess the Marlins are officially conceding this game (Travis Smith is now pitching for them…)
    How does he keep getting chances? I know he’s young, but he has never really produced, has he?

  14. I totally agreed KC – I’m surprised to see Smoltz hitting. Guess he REALLY WANTS the CG shutout. Hope he gets it (and doesn’t hurt the arm in the process…) – retire the side on 5 pitches or something

  15. I disagree with Smoltz’s pitch count tonight. They shouild have used Reitsma to pitch the 9th.

  16. There is no doubt Smoltz is the king, but I am more concerned about the health of the king.

  17. If he wears down, you know whose fault it will be…


    Oh, wait, not this one. It’ll be because KolBB blew all those damn games earlier. Maybe now that he’s a couple of games over .500 he won’t be scared to come out of games when he has a lead.

  18. Alex, considering Cox is always careful with his starting pitcher, this must be John’s own decision.

  19. The Pirates just increased their lead to 9-4 and the Mets beat the Phillies (Urbina sucks; 8.31 ERA since joining them). Also, Randy Johnson is about to lose his 5th straight game to the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. Who’d a thunk that was possible?

    Jason Marquis lasted 2-1/3 innings to the hapless Reds. He got shelled.

    It’s a beautiful night all-around.

  20. Thanks Mac! Hope everyone enjoyed the open thread as much as I did. As I suspected, it made for a good read for someone who missed the game.


  21. Mac – Good idea – missed this at the time, but please consider doing this regularly. If nothing else, it allows for a lot of sheepish crow-eating after the fact.

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