Eddie activated; Greisinger DFAd

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I don’t know who they’ll call up to make the next fifth start. Even if Greisinger clears waivers and accepts the assignment, as I expect, he can’t be called up until ten days have passed. Also, this probably means Brayan Pena will be sent down when the next pitcher is needed.

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  1. 790 The Zone in ATl did an interview with Erstad. He said it was not intentional, but also went on to say that if it happened to his catcher, he’d be yelling like Jordan and Perez were. He also said he would not be suprised to get plunked. It’s how the game is played and he accepts it. He earns a lot of respect for those comments.

    If you ever get the chance to catch Chris Dimino on webcasts on 790, it’s worth it. He has interviewed many greats of the game and had a terrific and very cadid interview with Burt Rynolds two weeks ago. Someone at the station made him cd’s of many of his interviews (like 600 hours worth) and gave them to him as a gift recently. Some of the interviews are with now deceased old-time players. He’s one of the best baseball stat guys out there today.


    You activate a NO HIT catcher and send down a solid righty when we have half a bullpen full of guys who couldn’t strike out my GRANDMOTHER?

    We deserve to lose with shit like this.

    Explain to me how Greisinger doesn’t keep his job over KOLBB or COLON-Cancer.

  3. At first I’d thought they could just DL Perez again and bring him back up. But I’d forgotten that he’d have to be DFA’d. Maybe Bernero, but I’m guessing they’ve committed him to relief… or maybe Lerew even. He’s been a lot better lately, but they still may not be looking to promote him. Although they at least considered him a bullpen possibility at the start of the year.

  4. Greisinger is incredibly replaceable, Alex. I’d rather they sent down Colon, too… I don’t get why he’s still around. But getting all worked up about losing Seth Greisinger is a little overboard, don’t ya think?

  5. I was hoping Eddie would just ride the DL until the end of the season. Oh, well.

  6. I still think that Johnny will probably be DL’d. (And that he ought to be, as a precaution.)

    Trey Hodges or Sam McConnell can spot-start.

  7. Rookies work better (just like Andruw) when there’s no pressure. If we keep the bull pen we got, a few more blown saves and blown holds will ensure a nurturing environment for position players to sharpen their skills while all the heat and attention will be on pitchers.

  8. bwarrend, doesn’t Chris Dimino do those annoying “Braves in a Hurry” shows on Turner South? Those things give me a headache.

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