Nigh-meaningless fact of the day

The Braves franchise is now 9471-9505 all time. To go over .500, they would have to go 74-39 over the rest of the season. (Final regular season record would be 102-60).


8 thoughts on “Nigh-meaningless fact of the day”

  1. Are you sure the record for Cox is right? This would have the Braves going 2916 – 1260 under Cox (.698) which is clearly too high (this would average to 113 wins a season).

  2. According to your post:

    9471 + 9505 = 18976 games overall
    6555 + 8245 = 14800 games without Bobby

    That would mean 4176 games with Bobby. That’s like 26 full seasons managing the Braves. That can’t be right. I think it’s been under 20 total, with a partial season and a strike-shortened one.

    I get, from summed with the current season, the same numbers you do for overall Braves record, but for Bobby Cox with the Braves, I get 1675-1260. That gives the non-Bobby Braves a record of 7796-8245 (.486). I have no idea how that ranks all-time.

  3. These numbers sure point out the aimless futility this franchise experienced before the terrific run. I wonder how they look without counting the 70s? The 80s? They went through some horrific seasons during those decades!

  4. Factoid … Earl Weaver and Connie Mack have 5, several managers have 4, but Bobby Cox, with 6 100 win seasons, is tied for first all time with Joe McCarthy.

  5. I believe it was actually about as easy to win 100 games though, because there were more really bad teams (often managed by Mack) and you got to play them 22 times a season. I’m not certain of that, but I’ve heard that the number of 100-win teams remained fairly constant even after the longer schedule was introduced — with the odd spike caused by expansion.

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