I’m confused

I’m not sure why Bobby hit for Orr anyway, but why with Julio? Either you use Eddie (who’s coming into the game anyway) or with Betemit (ditto, once you pull Orr). Now the Braves’ whole bench is gone. Hampton’s really going to have to hit before this game’s over. And he burned Sosa to pinch-run, so he’s shortened the bullpen in a tie game.

If Chipper has to go on the DL because his foot injury was aggravated, we should sue the umpire.

5 thoughts on “I’m confused”

  1. Sorry for posting this before, but I didn’t see the new thread…

    Tonight’s (4/30) umpire might be the best thing that’s happened to KolBB this season.

  2. What in tarnation was that about with using Sosa as a pinch runner? I was at the game, and neither me or my friend had a clue what was going on. Hudson, Smoltz, or Horacio couldn’t have run? Or Hampton?

  3. Hampton and Hudson were our extra-inning pinch hitters after the seventh, but still, Smoltz or Horacio would have been better, I think. Unless Sosa wasn’t available to pitch for some reason…

  4. It’s great to have pitchers who are an option to pinch hit or run. I like it… I think it’s exciting to see a pitcher excel offensively. You know, I bet Sosa **wanted** to pinch-run.

    Maybe we wouldn’t be seeing him on the bases if he were more important in the bullpen. Maybe he’d be getting out his agression that way. Let’s hope he gets his control together. Don’t people around here think that he could be a real “closer” (rather than Old Milwaukee) if his control was right? Or is that all just looks? Does he look like a “closer” to the hitters? Do they freeze in their tracks when he slings it? That’s what matters, I think…?

    Maybe I’m not making any sense. I didn’t see the game. Did he at least **look** like a baserunner?

    P.S. Do you get hunted by spam bots for having your email addresses linked to from this site? I’m not trying to hide my identity, but I’m paranoid.

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