Atlanta 4, Houston 3 (10 innings) – MLB – Recap – Braves at Astros

Sure, now we beat them.

Horacio Ramirez started, throwing one perfect inning. I assume that the one inning is because they’re being extra-cautious. Kyle Davies went two, allowing a run, Jorge Vazques went two, allowing walking one and striking out two, someone named “K Barry” went an inning and gave up a run. Macay McBride, who has a shot at the bullpen, did himself no favors by walking four and allowing a run in two innings of work. Andy Van Hekken (what is with all these guys from Detroit all the sudden?) pitched the tenth and got the win.

Jordan didn’t play, Langerhans started in center, and was 1-2 with a double, two RBI. Billy McCarthy drove in the game-winner.

4 thoughts on “Atlanta 4, Houston 3 (10 innings)”

  1. K Barry is probably Kevin Barry who was with Greenville and Richmond last year doing very well at both places. I think he is on BA top 20 prospects for the Braves

  2. Horacio said he was pain free and throwing 100% out there. If that’s true, it’s probably the best news that could come out of spring training.

  3. I’ll confirm Kevin Barry. That’s what the radio guys said, and he’s an NRI. Here’s the list of NRI’s, and the 40-man roster is a choice right next to it. Those should be the only guys playing any games for the Braves in ST, I would think.

    Atlanta Braves NRI’s

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