Well, we made it interesting there at the end, actually getting the tying run to the plate with one out in the ninth, only to have Andruw hit into a DP. You aren’t going to make many games interesting when you spot the other team ten runs. Yuck.

Hopefully, Hampton’s just got a problem with the Mets, or the Braves are screwed. He had nothing, allowing seven runs in 2 2/3 IP. Then Base12 allowed his first two runs on the year in the fourth, and Cruz a run in the fifth, while the Braves were flailing.

New York Media Bias of the Day: The AP Recap makes a big deal about the makeshift Mets lineup, which was missing Mike Piazza and Cliff Floyd, but doesn’t mention how the Braves were playing without Chipper Jones, Rafael Furcal, and Adam LaRoche — though LaRoche did pinch-hit and stay in the game… J.D. Drew did hit his first home run, but was pinch-hit for with Eddie Perez in the ninth. Eddie got a hit, but I don’t know why Drew was hit for. An injury to him is exactly what the Braves need right now.

Day off, then a night game, because the Mets just had to have their opener Monday afternoon.