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Well, we made it interesting there at the end, actually getting the tying run to the plate with one out in the ninth, only to have Andruw hit into a DP. You aren’t going to make many games interesting when you spot the other team ten runs. Yuck.

Hopefully, Hampton’s just got a problem with the Mets, or the Braves are screwed. He had nothing, allowing seven runs in 2 2/3 IP. Then Base12 allowed his first two runs on the year in the fourth, and Cruz a run in the fifth, while the Braves were flailing.

New York Media Bias of the Day: The AP Recap makes a big deal about the makeshift Mets lineup, which was missing Mike Piazza and Cliff Floyd, but doesn’t mention how the Braves were playing without Chipper Jones, Rafael Furcal, and Adam LaRoche — though LaRoche did pinch-hit and stay in the game… J.D. Drew did hit his first home run, but was pinch-hit for with Eddie Perez in the ninth. Eddie got a hit, but I don’t know why Drew was hit for. An injury to him is exactly what the Braves need right now.

Day off, then a night game, because the Mets just had to have their opener Monday afternoon.

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  2. The Mets always have the day after the home opener off, I believe there’s some big banquet or other such nonsense.

    By the way, great game…we Mets fans have a special place in the bottom of our black hearts for Mike “I like the Denver school system” Hampton.

  3. Hampton was booed loudly when he was announced and then taunted mercilessly by Mets fans when he exited.

    And Tom Glavine complains about the reception he gets at Turner Field?

  4. On the upside, the Braves can really use a day off right about now, to regroup. Apparently Chipper, LaRoche and Furcal are all expected back on Wednesday, as is Eli Marrero. That should help.

    As for Hampton, not sure what kind of help he needs right now, but I hope he gets it.

  5. The Braves could definitely use a day off. With 14 of the next 17 games ahead on the road, they really need a positive start.

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  7. Well the annual Drew injury came a little earlier than expected. Holy cow if Hampton doesn’t get his stuff in a sock then we are in deep kimchee. Andruw will lead the league in HDP. On the positive side, Estrada is hitting, Reitsma is pitching, Giles is hitting too. Wow I had to really think there to get positives.

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  9. Bear in mind one other thing about Hampton – we have him for another 4 years after this season.

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