We’re stuck with him. The Braves felt they needed a lefty in the pen and didn’t trust Sam McConnell, much less Buddy Hernandez. So they traded for Martin. Martin is a totally fungible reliever, a guy you never commit to, but the Dodgers gave him a two-year deal after a marginally successful 2003 season. They soon realized their mistake, but found a sucker in Scheurholz who would take him off their hands. Martin was adequate in a LOOGY role, but nothing spectacular and nobody seems to like him. He’ll be 35 this season and will make something similar to the $1.4 million he made in 2004.

He’s supposed to get lefties, but they hit .310/.377/.480 against him last season. He was actually better against righties, .247/.329/.452… Got Barry Bonds, though. He’s listed as facing Bonds 14 times (I’m guessing all-time) and holding him to .214/.267/.214. That might actually be useful if you’re the Dodgers, but the Braves only face the Giants a couple series a year.

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