Who knows?

The AJC seems to be taking this Mondesi thing seriously. They say he’s coming in for a physical and “story to come”.

7 thoughts on “Who knows?”

  1. I guess this is pretty much confirmed. As we are spending minimum money on LF, Mondesi and White, I can only imagine we will use the remaining budget to sign Hudson and Furcal to a long-term contract. Otherwise, it means our budget for 2005 is even lower than 2004!

  2. Well crap! It doesn’t look good. When Schuerholz goes into no comment mode then its a done deal. I have to figure that JS makes the contract non guarenteed. Gross. Just Gross. But in a way this is sort of smarter and closer to plan than say obtaining Kearns. All getting a guy like him would do is create a block for Francouer or Marte in 2005. Oh well, most of Schuerholz’s moves have worked out lately (see Drew, J.D.) Maybe this one will too.

  3. This strikes me as nothing more than buying time. Maybe before Mondesi gets hurt/flakes out he can help us win a few games, then we either bring up the kid or get some help at the trade deadline. Since the alternative is disgust, I will choose not to care. Such is the fan’s lot.

  4. I was looking through the list of available free agents the other day and came across Mondesi’s name but thought, ‘No way. Damaged goods.’ If he could get himself in shape and check his attitude, he’d still be better than either Glanville or Bautista. Sheffield had a reputation for being difficult, but he never acted like Mondesi. I think sansho1 is right: maybe JS & Co. are looking for a stopgap player, someone to hold down the position until May or, at the latest, the July trade deadline.

  5. This really isn’t a bad signing. Up until this year, when he was injured, he averaged .272/.332./.488. If he can give us that with the 29 HR, 92 RBI that he averages every 162 games, that’s pretty good for $1 million considered he’s won 2 Gold Gloves and he has one of the best arms in the game. Now, he has the perception of being a nutcase, but so did Sheffield, and we didn’t have too many problems with him.

  6. Rob, I think the difference in the “nutcase” labels given to Mondesi and Sheffield is that Sheffield is a pain in the ass and an incomprehensible interview but earns his money, while Mondesi is a pain in the ass who may or may not show up ready to play. Since 2002 two teams have been forced to eat most of his salary while trying to unload him, and two OTHER teams have voided his contract completely. That makes four worn-out welcomes in three years for the dubious honor of league-average production. Ugh, I’m starting to get disgusted…..must try not to care……..

  7. Yeah, definitely try not to care. I mean, this is the attitude you have to take.

    You have to look at multiple sides of each trade, and in this case, I see a facet that says management is going to give the kids a shot to take over the team.

    We knew we had Andruw and absolutely no other major league outfielders. Every year we carry 4 outfielders at least. So to me, I see this as saying, we’re not gonna get a guy like Teixiera or Kearns or Magglio who would clog up one side for three or four years, and possibly force a trade of Andruw, we are gonna keep the Jones bros. and go with guys like Langerhans and McCarthy and Francoeur and Marte.

    Mondesi is just the kind of guy who, if one of the kids isn’t yet ready, can fill in and possibly give league-average RF production. It has to be taken into consideration that we all respect what the institution of the Braves stands for, and they tend to keep players happy and/or under control.

    So say he gives us Marrero/Thomas type numbers offensively and allows Langerhans to start on the other side and one or two of the others to ease into things off the bench.

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