Braves Journal: I don’t like it

I quote myself, March of last year, in the context of the Reitsma deal:

“Danny Kolb? Ugh. Guy has one good half-season, and suddenly he’s worth Trey Hodges and Wilson Betemit? How many righthanded relievers does one team need?”

Considering Hodges is now in Japan, I sure wish they’d made that trade. And yes, the stuff said about Reitsma then is pretty much what’s said about Kolb now. For example:

Reitsma seems to have found his niche in the bullpen. His lack of a reliable offspeed pitch was a liability as a starter. But in a relief role, Reitsma comes right at hitters with his explosive sinker, which he consistently throws in the mid-90s and which accounts for him having nearly two groundball out for every flyball. He also shows a moving four-seam fastball that rides in on lefthanded hitters. He remains prone to home runs, especially when he leaves the four-seamer over the plate. And he will show his changeup perhaps too frequently. When Reitsma is leaning on his sinker, he is a very effective pitcher for four or five outs. His control has improved, both in terms of limiting his walks and also being ahead in the count.