Any aliens out there?

How does Furcal, with Marrero running, hit into a first-pitch double play there?

UPDATE: And how did Chipper score the last inning? He was on first, Julio hit a single. I know there was a throwing error, but the box score is calling the run earned. These games are frustrating.

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  1. Not only that, but he was also out by 15 freakin’ feet!! Must have either slipped or thought the ball was going to be foul. I didn’t see a replay.

  2. Not a throwing error. Byrd let Julio’s Single by him when he took his eye off the ball. Chipper scored from first.

  3. Andruw! Of course it doesn’t count for much since he’s hitting seventh but we’ll take it.

    Note: That ball was a routine flyball to right that got up in the wind and somehow got out. Weird. Abreu looked like he expected to catch it the whole time, but just kept drifting back, drifting back…

  4. So, you think there might be some reconfiguring of the fences in Philly after this season?

    Also, how about the shellacking the Yankees took 22-0? Loazia is this year’s Jeff Weaver for the Yankees. They’ll never make it through the playoffs with the starting pitching they have. The Red Sox could actually beat them with Schilling, Pedro and Wakefield. I don’t know if anyone will beat the Cardinals though. They are putting up 2002 Anaheim type numbers right now.

  5. The cards remind me a lot of the 2003 Braves – hellacious offense and very good pitching, but no real ace in the dominant sense. Their starter with the best ERA is Jason Marquis, just ahead of Cris Carpenter. Is that all that more impressive a playoff rotation than last year’s Ortiz/Hampton/Maddux?

    I dunno. They’ve kicked all kids of ass, but as we saw last year, even the best offense can be shut down by hot pitching. Of course, I don’t see Pujols pulling a Sheffield in the playoffs..

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