Another rumor

Supposedly the Braves have talked to the Rangers about trading for Alfonso Soriano. Whether that would be to replace a traded Marcus Giles or to play right field, I don’t know.

8 thoughts on “Another rumor”

  1. Soriano strikes out quite a bit and he doeson’t want to play the outfield so I don’t know what this rumor is about.

  2. I just heard the Gammons report and he said the Cubs and Braves talked about Sammy Sosa. I wonder how long that one lasted. The last thing the Braves are in the market for is an overpaid strikeout artist.

  3. The Chicago-Sun Times reports that the Braves and Cubs are discussing a deal that would send Sosa to Hotlanta for Andruw and of course Dan Meyer, and two other prospects. The Cubs would have to eat up most of Sosa’s salary though. Interesting.

  4. We already have a player the caliber of Soriano. His name is Andruw Jones. Phenom, stirkes out a lot, hitting less homers the bigger the park, can play in the outfield.

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