Something weird

For instance, I don’t think I saw a baserunner hit with a batted ball live all this season. And now it’s happened twice in three games. Hopefully, this won’t come back to bite the Braves any more than it bit the Astros Saturday.

19 pitches from Oswalt in the first. Keep that up, and you’ll be in good shape.

18 thoughts on “Something weird”

  1. Reitsma? What the fuck was that? A white flag? Man, I think Bobby is a great manager, but some of his post-season loyalty moves are just beyond horrible.

  2. Did he just try to throw a strike to Beltran??? Is he brain dead? We’re about to pass that 6 run threshold. Thanks Chris.

  3. !!#@%$^&*%^%$^#%$# Reitsma – figures out a way to make Bagwell & Biggio look good in the playoffs – sheesh

  4. I’m surprised he left Reitsma in there, but for the Astros’ sake, I was glad to see him. :) Big inning.

  5. In ten minutes, the ballgame turned from tight but winnable to absolute and utter shit.

    I’m just trying to remember that I never expected to be here in the first place. Back in the spring, looking at Hessman, Garcia, Wise … Joy from an unexpected season.

    But right now, its not helping.

  6. Of course, our pitching overall has been awful this whole series. A good game (made even better by comparison to the sucktitude of the others) by Hampton, and that’s been it. Bullpen has been a mixed bag, and the offense was just enough to squeak by in games 2 & 4. Figures an awesome series by Andruw is wasted. I don’t even feel like saying ‘wait til next year’ anymore…

  7. I blame Andruw’s salary!

    Reitsma proved big innings to be his major contribution to this team for the entire second half of the season. The person who put him in this game deserves the blame.

    Oh and isn’t that a stadium full of “fair-weather” Braves fans who showed up to see it? They won’t be able to sell tickets unless it’s game seven of a world series if we don’t comeback now.

  8. Kidding, people (not even really funny, I know – it’s hard to think of a decent joke or even light thought right now…)

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