Sorry, the series starts Wednesday

Presumably because they wanted to make sure that Clemens was healthy and Oswalt could start Game Two.

4 thoughts on “Sorry, the series starts Wednesday”

  1. So true. This has “Let’s make sure Rocket is ready” written all over it. Still, it gives Wright and Chipper an extra day, so it’s probably not a big advantage either way.

  2. Well, teh Braves have both Chipper and Thomson hurting, so the extra rest might benefit us too. Still, I hate to face Clemens twice.

  3. Well, it was known before yesterday that the series will start on Wednesday if we are playing the wildcard team. So, it’s just the question that whether we are playing the Dodgers starting on Tuesday or the Astros starting on Wednesday. The Astros just lucked out that they still won their game on Sunday without Clemens pitching.

    Well, facing Clemens and Oswalt is definitely not good news, but I like the way we handled Woods, Zambrano and Maddux during the weekend. Let’s hope they can carry their success into the playoff!!!

    To be honest, I think I have more confident in this yearís team. Last year, I think the team did get too cold heading into the playoff. However, we were able to knock out the Marlins and the Cubs AFTER we have clinched the division. As long as Chipper and Thomson is healthy enough, I still like our chances. Remember we didnít win 96 games by luck (just hit me that we are 30-games over .500, how amazing is that?!).

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