7 thoughts on “Don probably gone”

  1. Agreed. That is awful news for the Braves fans who watch TBS with regularity, like myself. Chip is a nightmarish homer who will sink the broadcasts like a stone…speaking of which, couldn’t the Braves hire Steve “Dusty doesn’t like me” Stone from the Cubs instead?

    Chip sucks.

  2. That’s interesting. One of the LA papers has said that Ross Porter will probably not be back next year, which is pretty shabby treatment for a guy who’s worked for you for 28 years, all of them in Vin Scully’s long shadow.

    Sutton’s ok, from what I’ve seen on TBS, but I’d rather keep the guys we have, thanks.

  3. I like Chip Caray and have never much cared for Don Sutton although he has grown on me a little over the years. However, I remember when Don started doing broadcasts and thinking to myself, “Why the hell did they hire this guy? Talk about a goober.” So…we shall see…

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