Cubs on life-support

If the Braves hold on here, it will be interesting to see how Bobby plays the last two games. The Braves won’t have anything to play for, and the Cubs will likely be in a deep hole, unless the Giants and Astros both lose.

I just realized that the scrappy, perennial underdog Cubs actually have a much older, more expensive lineup than the Braves. (Beyond Maddux, their rotation is rather young.) I would guess that of the starting position players, the Cubs have the older and/or higher-paid player as six. Chipper and Andruw are the only exceptions. Despite this, the Braves are actually better at five positions, and frankly I don’t know how much better than Furcal Nomar is anymore.

8 thoughts on “Cubs on life-support”

  1. looks like they just stuck him in the pitching summary cause he PH for Mikey. Sorry.

  2. He didn’t pinch-hit though, he showed up in the box back in the 3rd inning. It’s some kind of error. :)

    Nice pitching by Hampton today. He nibbled a bit here and there, but an effective start and a contribution at the plate too.

  3. Too bad. Maybe Betemit could resurrect his career as a reliever/pinchrunner/utility infielder, kind of a cross between Tony Womack and Brooks Kieschnick.

  4. I think that the online services must have September roster callups doing their updates today. Sportsline gave Wood an extra third of an inning all day (so he was pinch-hit for in the seventh, having thrown 7 1/3 innings) and credited Wise’s homer to Thomas.

  5. Are we going see Reitsma in the 8th? Who’s warming up – wish the Gameday thing showed who is in the bullpens? And do you think we’ll see Capellan this weekend, with the 2nd seed locked up?

  6. If anyone wants to kidnap Reitsma for the playoffs, you can use my basement to keep him in. There is no lead safe when he’s on the mound.

    (Just kidding. I don’t need a visit from the FBI.)

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