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It’s possible that the Braves could, instead of sending Ortiz off in a white flag trade, trade him for Magglio Ordonez. (There’s some sort of speculation about this behind the AJC subscription wall.) It’s well known that Ordonez is probably history in Chicago after this season (he’s a free agent) and the Sox already have plenty of offense. The Braves hopefully will get Horacio Ramirez back soon, and the Braves would have an extra starting pitcher, because they aren’t going to move Hampton to the pen. Hence, Ortiz for Ordonez, each team dealing from (putative, for the Braves) strength.

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  1. I like it. Their Mister O. has played 150+ games over the last five years with good offensive numbers. Our Mister O. has done a good job, but we’re currently more likely to be shut out, than to shut outthe other guys.

  2. I would love to see that trade. It would essentially be like Royals trading Beltra, except I would say Ortiz is better than Teahan, Wood, and Buck.

  3. I think we would all love to see that trade, and if it happens it might help me regain my enthusiasm(sp?) for this season. Watching the games has been depressing this year, but with a lineup with Marcus, Drew, Chipper, Magglio 2-5 would be worth watching. Assuming we don’t trade Drew, Marcus is at 100% and Chipper turns it around.

    But seriously, what are the odds of us getting Magglio? 20%? 40%? How possible is possible?

    I just don’t know..

  4. Well, what we know is that a lot of teams (Yanks and both colors of Sox at the minimum) are interested in Ortiz, and that the Braves are apparently shopping him. The original rumor was Rauch and prospects, but there are definitely rumors circulating about Ordonez being traded. Put 2 + 2 together and…

    Now, there’s a big difference in salary here. The White Sox would probably have to put in some cash and pick up another salary — Marrero, maybe. And the Braves would probably have to add a prospect or two on their side.

  5. Looks like a deal is going to happen. The papers are flooded this morning, mostly suggesting AJ is going with Ortiz for Magglio + Rauch. One name that I have not seen, but might be a possibility is Frank Thomas. His salary matches Ortiz’s, and the WS don’t need him at first or DH. The WS need pitching more than they need offense so that is why they might consider such a deal. The main reason I think this is a possibility is the matching salaries. This deal would be very easy to make. But let’s be realistic. We’ll probably just ship Cruz to the Orioles for BJ Surhoff.

  6. If the Braves really trade Andruw, it’s a bad deal unless they can re-sign (at the least) either Drew or Ordonez. I know they want to cut salary, and Andruw is overpaid under the current financial climate, but we’d be staring at an outfield of Marerro, Wise, and Thomas next year.

    Andruw makes $13 million/year (on average) for the remainder of his contract. I don’t think Drew, even with the outstanding season he’s having, would get that, because of his injury history. Ordonez might if he didn’t get caught in the gears of the other free agents.

    At any rate, I’d want Borchard in the deal, or another of their young outfielders. The Braves are pretty well set at the infield positions. Well, they’re not set at first yet, but I’m assuming Chipper moves there when Marte comes up.

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