NY Mets 10, Atlanta 4

ESPN.com – MLB – Recap – Braves at Mets – 06/01/2003

Yuck. The Braves led 4-2 going into the sixth, but the Mets scored eight runs to take over. It took four pitchers to get through the inning, none of whom got out without giving up a run. Horacio Ramirez was having control problems all night, and the Braves felt that the umpires were choking the strike zone.

The Braves were playing without the Joneses or Javy, all of whom were out with various injuries. Mark DeRosa, playing left field, did a credible Chipper imitation at the plate, 2-3 with a walk and a homer, but his terrible throw (on-line, but so weak that it barely made it to the plate) on the tying run in the sixth opened the floodgates. Assist goes to Vinny, who was in position to cut it off and at least get an out, but didn’t.

The Braves start interleague play Tuesday by hosting the Rangers, fulfilling the dreams of the many Atlantans who have been waiting for the day they could see the Rangers come to town. Javy expects to be back for the game, and it seems Andruw (hyperextended knee) will. I’m not sure about Chipper (wrist).

The Braves still lead the division by 4 1/2 over Montreal, 6 over Philly, but no longer have the best record in baseball.

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  1. C’mon Mac, while I’m not a huge fan of interleague play, you have to admit that there are a significant number of folks who would liuke the opportunity to see ARod in person. Probably still doesn’t make interleague worth the cost (teams playing harder or easier schedules than their competition), but it certainly makes Texas-Atlanta a cooler matchup than many other potential matchups.

  2. I harped on it at Game Chatter, but why do you bring in three of the Untrustworthy Four with the game on the line when the team’s second best reliever has been on ice since Tuesday?

  3. Because they’re veterans!

    I still expect a bullpen overhaul at some point. The Braves have shown a willingness to do that in-season before. Hodges keeps things up, I expect him to be promoted in his role (like, for one example, McMichael was when Stanton was struggling, though there have been more recent overhauls).


  4. I have probably missed lengthy discussions here on the merits and demerits of interleague play, but personally i choose to ignore the presumed sarcasm in Mac’s comments and take them at face value. I’m not an Atlantan anymore, but I am totally psyched to watch the interleague games. I understand from a competitive fairness standpoint, it can get dicey. But from a fan’s perspective, I always look forward to stuff like this.

    We get to see players like A Rod and Palmiero et al (actually a very potent lineup) and see how they do at Turner. Plus, their pitching is supposedly very thin. I’d love to see our bashers take knocks at em.

    But ours is not anywhere near the best matchup of the week. I lived in Wrigleyville in Chicago for two years, and I salivate at the prospect of being able to go see the Cubs host the Yankees this weekend. Do you really think it wouldnt be fun as hell to go to one of those games?

  5. Meanwhile here in LA, we’ve got the Royals in town for three with the Dodgers(and I thought I would die not seeing Raul Ibanez in Dodger Stadium!), and the Angels flying to San Juan (!) to play the Expos. Angels! Expos! Get your tickets now!!!

    Interleague play is what it always has been: A few good games mixed with lots and lots of pointless crappy games. And a lot more trouble than it is really worth.

  6. Funny thing, Robert – I already have my tickets to Hiram Bithorn Stadium to see the team Selig is trying to kill battle the lucky second place team admitted to the post season on Selig’s whim. Can I root for a tie?

  7. Dude, I don’t like Vinny either but the cutoff is not his fault. As Joe Morgan noted, the catcher is the quarterback in that situation. I played mostly 3rd base until I was 19, and I can assure you that if I don’t hear “CUT FOUR” or “CUT” I am not touching that ball, regardless of what I think. The catcher has the best view and makes this call.
    So blame Personal Catcher (BLANCO), not Playing Just Deceptively Well Enough to Ensure Lots of Unproductive Playing Time Come Fall (CASTILLA).
    Actually, blame DeRosa’s Little League coaches for never teaching him the outfielder’s throwing mechanics.

  8. Derosa’s ‘throw’ WAS one of the ugliest from an outfielder I remember seeing in a long time. He made a good scoop, and it looked like he had a great chance to get the runner. It was catcher Vance Wilson (who may not be the slowest catcher in MLB, but, c’mon, he’s still a catcher), and he was just rounding third as Derosa threw. I agree with Matt that Personal Catcher should definitely have made the call. Not that it does any good to say so now.

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