– MLB – Recap – Braves at Mets – 06/01/2003

Yuck. The Braves led 4-2 going into the sixth, but the Mets scored eight runs to take over. It took four pitchers to get through the inning, none of whom got out without giving up a run. Horacio Ramirez was having control problems all night, and the Braves felt that the umpires were choking the strike zone.

The Braves were playing without the Joneses or Javy, all of whom were out with various injuries. Mark DeRosa, playing left field, did a credible Chipper imitation at the plate, 2-3 with a walk and a homer, but his terrible throw (on-line, but so weak that it barely made it to the plate) on the tying run in the sixth opened the floodgates. Assist goes to Vinny, who was in position to cut it off and at least get an out, but didn’t.

The Braves start interleague play Tuesday by hosting the Rangers, fulfilling the dreams of the many Atlantans who have been waiting for the day they could see the Rangers come to town. Javy expects to be back for the game, and it seems Andruw (hyperextended knee) will. I’m not sure about Chipper (wrist).

The Braves still lead the division by 4 1/2 over Montreal, 6 over Philly, but no longer have the best record in baseball.