This is actually a good sign

Adam LaRoche, this season: .268/.327/.445
Rico Brogna, career: .269/.320/.445

Eerie, huh? Like I say, it’s actually a good sign. If a rookie is as good as Rico Brogna’s career average, that means he should be significantly better over the course of his career — especially since LaRoche has always had to make league adjustments coming up through the minors and has hit better in the second half. I just thought it was interesting, especially since some analysts compared LaRoche to Brogna entering the season.

One thought on “This is actually a good sign”

  1. Adam’s season turnaround has been pretty remarkable:

    Before injury: 250/292/388, one BB every 17.7 PA
    After injury: 294/376/529, one BB every 8.8 PA

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