BravesBuzz: The O Machine

Andy points out that despite the gaudy numbers, most of the Braves’ hitters aren’t hitting that far over their heads — really, only the first basemen are. So it’s possible that the hot hitting, rather than just a streak, could carry into October.

Last year, of course, the Braves tore up the NL only to fall flat in the playoffs. One thing to remember is that as strong as last year’s lineup was it was basically one-dimensional and based around right-handed power hitting. Chipper was basically the only lefthanded power threat they had after Fick collapsed, and they weren’t loaded with guys who could get on base either. Against the Cubs’ righthanded power pitching, the Braves righthanded bats were silenced, Sheffield slumped, and the offense didn’t have enough else to score many runs. Marcus was the only regular who played well, as the Braves hit .215/.304/.301 in the division series. I don’t think that will happen this year, because though this offense isn’t as good, it’s more broad-based, at least as long as LaRoche and Estrada don’t go Fick on us.