– MLB – Recap

Chipper hit a pair of homers, one a two-run shot to give the team an early lead in the first, the second a three-run shot to break the game open in the sixth — and the Braves cruised to a much easier win this time. (And he wasn’t decked when he came back up; the bases were loaded. Unfortunately, he popped up, because a grand slam there would definitely have looked nice on the boxscore.)

The Braves collected 13 hits in all, with every member of the starting lineup but John Thomson reaching base. (Estrada was 0-2 but walked twice.) Marrero homered to give the Braves a little cushion in the fifth after the Rockies had cut it to 2-1, and Julio had two hits, an RBI, and scored a run. The righthanded platoon players continue to shine.

Overshadowed a bit was Thomson’s performance, going seven innings and allowing one run on five hits, one walk, and striking out five. He gave up the run in the third but wasn’t challenged much after that, and allowed only one extra-base hit, a double. Alfonseca and Colon finished it.

The Marlins lost to the Giants in extras, so the Braves’ lead is now 8 1/2. In fact, the whole rest of the division lost; the Phillies are now 11 back, the Mets 13, and the Expos 19. Oh, and the magic number is 30… Jamey (Not Quite Jaret) Wright goes for the Rockies tomorrow against Hampton. They’re still paying him, so I assume they expect him to give them something good to hit. Wright’s looked nearly as good as his namesake for the Rockies, putting up a 3.58 ERA in six starts.