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Tom Glavine on the mound, the Mets’ season on the line, and the Braves won. Seems like old times, except for Glavine wearing the wrong uniform.

The Braves jumped out to a 6-0 lead after five. Byrd had a no-hitter at the time, but in the sixth he fell apart, allowing first a solo homer then a three-run shot, and didn’t get out of the inning. Alfonseca allowed a homer in the seventh, but Tom Martin came in in his Braves debut and got two pop flies to get out of a runner on third, one out situation. Reitsma had another strong outing and Smoltz struck out the side in the ninth (with a single mixed in).

Andruw was the hitting hero, driving in a run with a (questionably scored) single in the first, then hitting a three-run homer in the fifth to finish the Braves’ scoring. No doubt he’ll come under fire for not hitting more homers. Chipper and Marrero each had three hits.

Greg Maddux won’t get his 300th win today, leaving down 3-2, but the Cubs just jumped over the Phillies for four runs in the seventh (and are still batting) and the Braves would be 5 1/2 up if that holds up. The Expos lead the Marlins again, 2-0, during a rain delay. The Mets are now nine games out, 9 1/2 in tenth place in the wild card, and have sacrificed their future only to seem themselves out of contention within three days. But that’s what makes them the Mets.

The Braves get a travel day and Tuesday start a road trip to Houston and Arizona. The Phillies will also head west, to San Diego and LA, while the Marlins will precede the Braves into Arizona before returning home to face the Brewers. The Mets are pretty much done.

I shouldn’t say this, but… The Braves’ magic number is 54. Hee.

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  1. The good thing about Andruw’s home run, aside from being the winning hit, is that it was to the opposite field.

  2. You are such a tease. Is this game against the Cubs the last for Bowa. It shouldn’t be. It should have been after the 3rd game against the Marlins, so they Phillies could go into the weekend with a new outlook on life. It seems as if the Phillies either need to get rid of Boom Boom, Cormier and Wagner, or Bowa. It might be Cormier and Boom Boom with Wagner on the DL (he might just want to stay there the rest of the year to not have to deal with Bowa), seeing as how nutso the Phillies’ mgmt. is acting. Hey, maybe we can pick up wagner for a song next year and move Smoltzie back to the rotation. That would be great for all.

  3. Happy days Mac. The magic number comment made my day. Some interesting things from bp’s stat page. Jaret Wright is now ranked 25th in support neutral wins above replacement (TIED WITH PEDRO AND BRAD PENNY, among others). And his whip has crept down to 1.31. This is a miracle and I would love to see it continue in Atlanta for a few more seasons. The braves starters as a group are now third in the league in SNW-SNL. Our bullpen is now 8th in baseball in adjusted runs prevented. What a beautiful and crazy game this is.

  4. Now that the Phillies have lost yet again, whats the odds Bowa doesn’t finish the week out?

    Firings tend to happen when the team is going into an off-day, just to give them time to get the new guy started. I’m guessing Bowa doesn’t make it to midnight.

    Bowa has a knack for alienating the very people he’s meant to inspire–he’s a man after Dallas Green’s own heart. Can’t you just see them side-by-side on the piano, singing, “And you knew where you were then. Goils were goils and men were men. Yes sir, we could use a man like Hoibert Hoovah again….”

    I’m torn–it’s in the Braves’ best interest for Bowa to stay, but I really really can’t stand him. In the end, I suppose it’s always nice to see someone get what they deserve….

  5. One run game in the seventh. Men on first and third with one out. Game hanging in the balance and it comes down to a matchup between Tom Martin and Ice Williams? Amazing. Not so amazing that Ice failed to come through.

    The Braves somehow lead the NL in ERA now, and they’ve done it not by allowing the fewest hits (6th), or fewest walks (10th), or by getting the most Ks (9th), but mostly because they’ve allowed the fewest extra base hits. I’m pretty sure that says something about the excellent outfield defense they put out there most nights with Thomas-Andruw-Drew filing in all the gaps.

  6. they’ve allowed the fewest extra base hits. I’m pretty sure that says something about the excellent outfield defense

    Agreed. Defense is something I have always believed was important, but its value has never been as crystal clear as this year. This past series with the Mets was decided by defense. Their catchers couldn’t throw us out, their shortstop had no range, their outfielders had no arms. Piazza at first was a joke. Has anyone watched a Cubs game lately? I believe Sosa is the worst right fielder I have ever seen.

    People have crucified the Red Sox for their trading of Nomar for two defensive-oriented players and the adding of Dave Roberts, a fast outfielder. I wouldn’t be surprised if their pitching is significantly better over the next two months.

  7. I’d be surprised. Roberts won’t be more than a fourth outfielder, and might be a fifth; I figure his main role will be to be Manny’s legs late in the game with a lead. The Red Sox, in the course of improving their infield defense, hurt their outfield defense because now Manny will have to be in the lineup out there every day (domino effect; Minky is at first, so Ortiz is always the DH). The Red Sox have an overwhelmingly fly-ball oriented staff. Derek Lowe will probably look better, but it won’t effect the rest of the pitchers much if at all.

  8. the statements that because the sox pitchers are flyball pitchers the defensive upgrades to cabrera and mientkiewicz are irrelevent are simply wrong. it would only be true if they only threw fly balls. even fly ball pitchers give up ground balls, and more of those will now become outs rather than hits. tendencies don’t mean absolutes and when evaluating this trade this is a mistake i’ve seen all over the web. sheesh – doesn’t anybody watch this game.

  9. I am no stat hound, but I agree with chanimal completely on his synopsis of the importance of the defensive improvements to the BoSox. I think Dougie M. is such a huge upgrade that it is impossible to ignore. Millar may “cowboy up,” but he plays 1B like he still has his boots on. Ortiz has the range of a potted plant. Catching the ball is important and Mientkiewicz can do that with the best of them.

    Cabrera is an upgrade to Garciaparra (at this point due to Nomar’s injury), but I think that is where the BoSox will suffer some. But, word is Nomar would probably have played only half the games remaining in the season if he had remained with the BoSox and Cabrera is a better offensive option (Okay, stathounds. Invitation to bombard.) than Pokey Reese.

    I’m just wondering if Nomar hurts the Cubs.

  10. Minky and Cabrera will help the defense no doubt, but will it be enough to overcome the offensive hits the team will take? Cabrera hasn’t hit at all this year (.243/.296/.338, which didn’t stop Francona from hitting him 3rd last night) and Mientkiewicz never hits (.250/.342/.365 this season) so they are going to have to save a whole bunch of runs with their gloves to make up for their bats.

    I think what Mac was getting at was that with a flyball staff – except Lowe – there will be limited opportunities for them to shine on defense. Plus the outfield will still be Ramirez-Damon-Millar on most nights, and that ugly alignment is going to lead to lots of extra base hits.

    As for the Cubs, this is great for them. Even if Nomar never gets out of his slump this season, he is still miles better than Alex Gonzalez (.217/.241(!)/.364). And with Nomar getting a fresh start and being in a contract year, it isn’t hard to invision him being a monster down the stretch.

  11. I think Minky could be a nice pickup, and not just for the defensive upgrade. Granted, if he hits .250 he doesn’t contribute much, but if he hits .300 (which he’s shown the ability to do), he’ll be getting on base almost 40 percent of the time. If he bats eighth, it gives Boston a good way to turn the lineup over.

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