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Extra innings in spring, yuck. And blowing leads in the eighth, ninth, and tenth, double-yuck. While several regular hitters made the trip to Clearwater, few of the real pitchers did. Kyle Davies got the start and was hammered, allowing six runs on four hits, two walks, and three homers (two by Thome) and suffered the added indignity of this Yahoo boxscore calling him “Kylie”. Anthony Lerew went three and allowed no runs (two hits and a walk, one K) but Zach Miner and Alex Herrera were less fortunate, allowing two runs apiece, and someone named “Jeremy Ward” I don’t know let the last runs score with a bases-loaded single. Herrera actually had two out in the ninth when he threw a wild pitch to let the Phillies tie the score.

On the good side, Andy Marte hit two homers, playing the entire game. Furcal also homered. Langerhans was 1-2, Snead 2-4, and Brown 0-5; I don’t expect he’s going to be around for long.