I can’t watch the game

But did Kristin just bean Marcus?

UPDATE: Well, so much for Kristin’s reputation as the Braves-killer.

5 thoughts on “I can’t watch the game”

  1. Hey, there’s Gerald Williams. He’s only 38, it seems like he been around since the late 70’s. He’s only been in the bigs since 92 though.

  2. Has anyone realized that the Braves’ lead of 4.5 games is the largest anyone has had in the East this year? Also, the Braves are 12 games better (after tonight) than the Marlins since June 23 when they were down by 6.5 games.

    Isn’t it great how so many of these trades will actually benefit the Braves. I mean, Nomar will be a man on a mission, and so the Phillies will be the recipient of his wrath. The Marlins pick up a couple of scrubs in Seanez and “They call me Ismael” Valdez. And the Mets are smart enough to pick up Benson, but not smart enough to keep from starting him against the Brves for the 3rd time in less than 2 weeks. Unfortunately for Benson, that’ll mess him up against the Braves the rest of the year.

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