2 thoughts on “Good news!”

  1. I guess the Braves helped Gagne knock a little rust off of his arm. Odd top of the 9th Inning. The Jones boys homer back-to-back, Franco steals a base, then Gagne strikes out the side. Bottom of the 9th was different too. Kolb struck out 2 and walked one. He looked a little better tonight. Reitsma was efficient, getting through the 8th inning with only 7 pitches.

  2. I was actually laughing during the ninth inning. KolBB throws three “meaningless” wild pitches. He’s been getting away with wild pitches lately, but that can’t last. It was funny last night because we were going to win, but KolBB hasn’t done anything to win my trust.

    Mac, how long do you think this leash is? We’ve been talking Dank LoBB for like a month and a half.

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