7 thoughts on “God hates us”

  1. But thank God for Johnny Estrada. If he doesn’t drive in that run coming out of the rain delay we’re back to square one. Still plenty of game to go. More offense please!

  2. What happened to the lineup today? It looks like Bobby woke up and decided not to put a ton of outs at the top of the order. Also, for anyone curious, go check out the hardball times stats page. Team defensive efficiency in particular. Brutal.

  3. someone please tell me Chipper was removed for precautionary reasons. it’s wet, and all i’ve got is gamecast and its “wise ran for c jones”, so i’m scared.

  4. Actually, Alfonseca’s been lights out this month. He was terrible in April, but hasn’t given up an earned run in 7 2/3 innings of work this month.

  5. The thing I’ve noticed about Alf’s last few outings is that his strike/ball ratio has been unbelieveable. He’s a classic “must get ahead in the count” guy. If he does, the movement on his pitches makes him tough to do much with. He has to throw a straight 90 mph fastball, it’s time to get the married men out of the infield.

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