Already down 3-0 and this is the lineup:

Wise, RF
DeRosa, SS
LaRoche, 1B
Estrada, C
Jones, CF
Hessman, 3B
Hollins, LF
Garcia, 2B
Hampton, P

It’s Andruw and the Seven Dwarfs out there. Top three members of the lineup, career hits: Jones, DeRosa, Hampton. Top three in homers: the same three. The other six were all in the minor leagues all or most of last season.

6 thoughts on “Doomed”

  1. I think I’m starting to understand what my Cards-loving friend is up to when he says he firmly believes in Drew’s ability to screw up a team’s chances.

    Who misses an entire series due to a stiff neck? What the heck is that anyway?

    He’s been really good on the field, but when his absence forces lineups such as this, we’re not contending. Think it’s bad now? Wait til it’s September and we’re within a few games of the wild card, and Drew cuts himself shaving and misses the Philly series.

    At least that’s a peek into my nightmares.

  2. Well, it’s not just him. The Braves have five players who have been all-stars in the regular lineup, and four of them are hurt, three with minor injuries. I think Drew is a carrier.

    If anyone else gets hurt, Julio’s probably going to wind up playing third base or something.

  3. Top three hitters in the line-up yesterday were all in the .220’s, and none walk. Will the non-sabremetric, tools loving attitudes of the Braves finally catch up with them this year? Anyone for Jurries at 1B; Betemit or Marte at 3B; and Lagerhans instead of Wise?

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