Dammit, Bobby!

Hampton gets in trouble, and who’s up in the bullpen? Alfonseca, of course. Have we learned nothing?

PS: And why hit Wise for Hampton? I’m not saying that you don’t lift Hampton, but if Wise is your pinch-hitter you might as well let Hampton hit first.

2 thoughts on “Dammit, Bobby!”

  1. Is there a worse situational hitting team than the Braves? They can’t bunt runners over, can’t move them over with shots to the right side and they struggle to score runners from third with less than two outs. I guess my expectations were too high for this team. I keep thinking they are going to put something together, but I really wonder. I know Chipper is out, but they are really struggling to do the little things that this team nees to do to win games.

  2. Braves big problem right now is that they have 4 “25th guys” on the bench. I actually thought the situational hitting had gotten a bit better this season, but that’s only the naked eye and naked ear. I haven’t looked at the stats, so you may be right on the mark Mac.

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