Two-man bench

Chipper has joined Furcal and LaRoche as injured but not on the DL. The bench — other than pinch-hitting — now consists of Mike Hessman and Eddie Perez. And Bobby hit DeWayne Wise leadoff. Ugh.

5 thoughts on “Two-man bench”

  1. Pete VanWieren just said that Franco’s starting because LaRoche’s foot still hurts. He’s available to pinch hit, but that’s it, which if true sort of explains Franco’s string of starts.

  2. Good news = it’s only April
    Bad news = well I guess you know this already!

    I think it’s going to be a long year for the Braves. Chipper seems to be on his way to a good year and it won’t be long until every Braves fan is SICK TO DEATH of J.D. Drew! Hang in there!

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