Cliff Floyd?

L.A. Daily News

The Braves have — supposedly — offered a four-year deal to Cliff Floyd. The story also says

Atlanta needs to clear payroll room before signing first baseman Fred McGriff but are trying to do so by trading pitcher Kevin Millwood.

I have no idea what’s going on. It’s fun, in an agonizing sort of way. A lineup of:

SS Furcal
2B DeRosa/Giles/?
3B Chipper
RF Sheffield
LF Floyd
CF Andruw
1B Crime Dog
C Lopez

Would be very good indeed. Oh, and that’s a left/right alternation (with the switch-hitters in the 1 & 3 spots) and so tough to pitch around. Not that I think they should trade Millwood, but if they can sign Cliff Floyd and bring back Fred that way…

10 thoughts on “Cliff Floyd?”

  1. Awesome if it happens, but isn’t it more likely that they’d sign Floyd and just put him at 1B, foregoing the McGriff angle? I just don’t give JS that much credit for creativity, not that such a thing would require Picasso-like creativity.

  2. Millwood for Estrada? Has Schuerholz lost his piece-of-crap mind? This has got to be the worst trade EVER, regardless of salary considerations. Somebody tell me there is a method to this insanity…

  3. Before everyone gets their panties in a wad, it must be understood that there is more to come. I have never known JS to make a deal without having another one in the works. The Floyd thing will be fine, but you have to wonder, what do we need with three catchers. Javy Lopez is as good as gone with his 8 million plus salary. We will very competitve on opening day and as always, JS knows something that we don’t. Have faith, sit back and enjoy!!!!!!!

  4. Yeah Collier. Just like the time he traded Justice and Grissom for Lofton and Embree followed that up with…oh wait.

    Like the time he traded Dye for Tucker and Lockhart and followed that up with…oh shoot.

    Like the time he traded Klesko and Boone for Sanders, Joyner, and Veras and followed that up with…darn!

    The more opimistic view has to be: Have faith! The odds are that he will make 1 good trade before he retires!!!!!

  5. let me tell you a little three-team trade that will solve some of our infield gaps.
    Braves get: Craig Biggio and Phil Nevin
    Astros get: Vinny Castilla and Bubba Trammell
    Padres get: Javy Lopez, Geoff Blum, and Daryle Ward
    We will get a solid 3rd basemen and 2nd basemen. We will also end up dumping some salary. We can start either Estrada or Blanco at catcher. This trade will benefit all the teams, and then the braves only problem will have to be to get a 1st basemen. Which feel will be easiest to get at the all-star break. Until that time we can deal with Matt Franco.

  6. I’d rather have Giles/DeRosa than Biggio.

    I would love to see JS go get Mark Bellhorn – he hit 27 HRs last year and has nice plate discipline, yet the Cubs don’t seem to have him in their plans. The Cubs seem unsure of their 3B position, and Dusty loves the washed-up vets, so why not give them Vinny for Bellhorn?

    Please, JS, get me Mark Bellhorn for Christmas!!!

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