L.A. Daily News

The Braves have — supposedly — offered a four-year deal to Cliff Floyd. The story also says

Atlanta needs to clear payroll room before signing first baseman Fred McGriff but are trying to do so by trading pitcher Kevin Millwood.

I have no idea what’s going on. It’s fun, in an agonizing sort of way. A lineup of:

SS Furcal
2B DeRosa/Giles/?
3B Chipper
RF Sheffield
LF Floyd
CF Andruw
1B Crime Dog
C Lopez

Would be very good indeed. Oh, and that’s a left/right alternation (with the switch-hitters in the 1 & 3 spots) and so tough to pitch around. Not that I think they should trade Millwood, but if they can sign Cliff Floyd and bring back Fred that way…