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  1. A Cubs cap? Really? I know he’ll begin and end with them, but will anyone really argue for him wearing the Cubs cap in Cooperstown? He achieved almost all of his milestones as a Brave, won a World Series (though that could happen again as a Cub), and pitched his best years as a Brave.

    I’ll be very sad to see Maddux enter Cooperstown in anything other than a Braves cap. I also predict that he’ll be very good for the Cubs, but he won’t post 15 wins this season. I don’t expect the Glavine-like decline, but I think we’ve started to see the end for him.

  2. He’ll need three very good years and a World Series to go into the Hall as a Cub.

    I mean, he was absolutely friggin brilliant with Atlanta. He was amazing, spectactular, stupendous, remarkable, superlative, unbelievably good, great, fantastic, jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring, awesome, terrific with Atlanta.

  3. I don’t think there’s any way he goes in as anything but a Brave. He was a Brave for the peak of his career, during a period that was the peak of the history of the franchise. That was the period during which he was GREG MADDUX-PITCHING GOD, with three of his four Cy Youngs and a World Series ring. He pitched well pre-Atlanta, certainly, but had only one real dominant season prior to coming to ATL, his CY season of 1992.

    His Cubs career will be nice too when all is said and done, but as of right now he has 95 wins as a Cub and 194 as a Brave. No matter what he does the next three years, he isn’t making up a 100 win gap.

    Last pet peeve note – Greg Maddux isn’t chasing 300 wins – he already has 300 wins! 289 regular season and 11 postseason. Given how extensive the playoffs are these days, it amazes me that we don’t consider them in counting stats at the very least.

  4. As much as I’d like to see Maddux go into the Hall as a Cub, there’s no way that will (or should) happen. He put up his greatest season as a Braves, because Cubs management was too stupid to sign him even though he wanted to stay.

    Now, years later, he’s back, and as happy as I am that that has happened, I’m not naive enough to think he’ll do with the Cubs what he did with the Braves…

  5. All I have to say is this really sucks. I am watching Greg’s press confrence on ESPN News as I write this. It really hurts that he will not be in a Braves uniform getting his 300th win. Thanks AOL!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  6. Maddux not getting 300 as a Brave is definitely the biggest let down of all this. He won’t go to Cooperstown with a cubs cap. And yes, his career is in decline, but he’s still a tremendous pitcher and will most likely get around 15 wins again. Franlky, I think he’ll help the cubs as much with his wisdom as he will with his performance. Their pitchers are good enough, last thing we needed was Maddux over there sharing his genius.

  7. I could not agree with Grst more. Maddux will be a great teacher to a staff with talented arms. I only wonder why the Cubs waited so long as they did; Maddux seems like the perfect off season acquistion. Meanwhile, the Cubs continue to collect ex-Braves…

  8. Maddux will be a great teacher to a staff with talented arms.

    Won’t it be pretty tough to tell whether he’s doing a “good” teaching job or not? The Cubs already had the best starting staff in the NL before getting Maddux. Prior, Wood, and Zambrano were among the top 20 starters in baseball last year, so there is really not much to improve on. Since the media generally likes Greg, I’m sure he’ll get some credit for anything that goes right, which should be good for his post-retirement career anyway.

    I think it would have been a lot more interesting to see Maddux turn up in somewhere like San Diego where they have a boatload of young talented arms that need some guidence. If he could have gotten the Peavy, Lawrence, Tankersley, Eaton group on track, that would have been real impressive. I’m not sure Wood or Prior has much more to learn.

  9. I was going to add that Prior/Wood/(Zambrano) have different pitching styles from Maddux, then I remembered that Curt Schilling, another power pitcher, generally refers to Maddux as his primary teacher/influence. So maybe he can help them out, too.

  10. You’re right, it will be hard to “see” any affect maddux has on prior and wood, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be any. And they do have plenty to learn. If you want to play the game of baseball well, you never stop learning. If they don’t need much for mechanics then they can still maddux can still help them with attitute and preparations. There’s a lot more to pitching than just throwing a ball.

  11. I live in Chicago and work at on trading floor here. Wow- my pit if full anti Cubsters…here are some of the best stabs at them that I heard this week:

    “Q: How many gay guys does it take to turn a car over? A: I donno. We’ll find out when the cubs win.

    Here’s another funny gag…Some big White Sox fan walked in 2 weeks back and said “Hey guys, I heard the Cubs are offering Sosa, Prior and Wood to the Cleveland Indians for their (gay pornstar pitcher) Tadaki”


    Anyways, I have been watching Maddux in the blue and red and that’s all they talk about here. It makes me sick to the stomache. It’s kinda like seeing your girlfriend with another guy. I mean, Maddux is my favorite sports star of any sport all time. And to have him go to the team that I despise the most, it couldn’t have been worse. I was hoping that he went to the Dodgers or Giants (or maybe even us again in May..hey I like to dream) but the Cubs….urgghhh…I hate the Cubbie fans…It makes me nauseous..and now all this talk about him going to cooperstown possibly with that yucky C…urgh….I’m so bitter and I am very very very depressed over this decision…and after all that he only got 8 mill…We could have given him that…come on…JS should have tried something

  12. We might have been able to give 8 million, but I don’t think we were ready to commit to the multi-year deal that Maddux wanted.

  13. In response to MS’s last comment: could you please refrain from jokes making fun of gays in your comments on this site? This is my favorite Braves forum on the Internet to read what other intelligent Braves fans have to say about the team and the game. Save your distasteful jokes for another forum, please. Let’s keep this discussion entertaining and inoffensive for all Braves fans.

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