Anabolic steroids – GEN – Bonds’ trainer among four indicted

I don’t know how to react to this story; I’m on both sides of the issue. On the one hand, I’m generally anti-cheating. On the other, performance-enhancing drugs have been part of baseball since before I was born.

I think everyone knew Bonds is on the juice. The changes in his body simply aren’t normal. At the same time, I wonder how much steroids actually help him as a player and how much just keeps him in the lineup.

The other player a lot of people mention is Sammy Sosa, but I honestly think that Sosa’s probably not on steroids, or at least not to the degree Bonds and many other are. What made Sosa a great player was learning the strike zone, not starting to hit homers. He’s always had this kind of power, but a few years ago he learned how to use it.

Are any Braves on steroids? Javy Lopez isn’t on the team anymore, but you had to wonder. Marcus Giles and Rafael Furcal are suspiciously well-defined, particularly the latter. And while Giles has always shown power, Furcal’s suddenly showed up at the major league level.

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  1. Accusing an athlete of being on steroids without proof is nearly as risky as calling someone a racist or a child molester, so I’ll respectfully refrain …

  2. Well, guys, this is desperation speaking, and in the process it will show that I’m probably the youngest poster here… ever.

    With that said, I have a project for my high school English III class. I have to write about whether or not performance-enhancing drugs should be allowed in baseball.

    Like I said, this is desperation talking. The outline is due Tuesday, and I don’t have anything. So, does anyone have any links to any informative articles on the internet about the topic? Otherwise, I really don’t wanna to BS as much as I am about to. Thanks.

  3. Rob, don’t worry about the outline. It’s always a BS grade. You might as well skip the rough draft, and then just kinda space out during the in-class exercise where you grade another student’s paper. So long as you hand in the final paper, which you will start no sooner than the eve of the paper’s due date. And by god you’ll settle for nothing lower than a C-. And you will be happy, happy that you wisely used the additional time saved for syndicated television, shootin’ the S**t on message boards, pizza eating and fort building.


  4. Be weary of advice from people who think Kucinich is anything other than a kook. As for the topic…Furcal? You’re kidding right? Steroids don’t make you ‘toned’. If Furcal was taking steroids he’d have strained his hamstring a dozen times by now.

  5. Yes, be very “weary” (j/k grst–if we poked fun every time anyone made spelling grammatical errors, there would be no time left for baseball). What in particular are you wanting to say? Wanting evidence steroids are not as bad as portrayed? More harmful than portrayed? Everybody does it so we shouldn’t punish the cheaters? Just wondering…Google is always a good place to start once you have a particular direction you want to go.
    By the way, I always put the ‘nospamplz’ or some variant when I post because I’m afraid of the web crawlers (or whatever they call the automated email address trollers that look for addresses) getting hold of my email address. Does anyone know if that actually is a problem with these messages? That is, are the spammers able to get addresses off of comments pages like this one? I don’t know the techical side of it, and it may be a completely safe deal. I just don’t know.

  6. Huh? What are you talking about? I was referring to his advice that rob should ignore his school work. I have no clue as to what you are talking about, however. I said exactly what I wanted to say. I’ve played organizaed ball most of my life, including college. I know exactly what steroids are and what they are not. I know what people on steroids look like. Furcal is not on steroids. I made no reference whatsoever to what should or should not been done with the issue, so why you bring that up is beyond me. Appearantly you just pulled it out of your ass.

  7. Grst:
    The intentions of JH’s post.
    A.Point out your typographical error on the word “weary.”
    B.Attempt to help Mr. Cope with his paper. Which was also what I was doing when you maliciously attacked me, and my favorite presidential candidate, of whom I’d figure your fox news-depleted mind knows little or nothing.

  8. Well, I personally not totally against steroids enough to write a paper on it, but I know enough people are, making it easy to find sources. So, I suppose I need to find reliable sources, which is part of the paper, finding sources, about why they should be not allowed in baseball. I appreciate you guys helping me, even though it’s causing confusion because of the other topics.

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