Baseball Prospectus – Transaction Analysis: The Easts

I assume it’s premium, but it’s not listed that way… Anyway, generally positive comments on the Braves’ postseason moves. Excerpt:

The J.D. Drew trade is what you might call a high-risk, high-reward venture for the Braves. Drew certainly has the potential to hit a ton, and if he can give the Braves 140 games in right field, Atlanta GM John Schuerholz will look like a genius. That’s a pretty hefty ‘if’ though, considering that Drew has never played 140 big league games in a season. The Braves were smart enough to have the Cardinals tack on Eli Marrero to the trade, who can fill in if/when Johnny Estrada struggles and if/when Drew gets hurt. When it comes to playing time, bet on Marrero out of the three.

Also: Thomson is a good pickup, Julio still has platoon value, Matthews can back up Andruw but won’t, Gary Sheffield is insane, and on the relievers: “If Mazzone can boost the fortunes of the aptly-initialed AAAAs, shouldn’t the BBWAA just induct him into the Hall now?”