Thomson agrees to two-year deal

I hope this isn’t the biggest signing the Braves make. John “Missing an A” Thomson was 13-14 with a 4.85 ERA last year, though he pitched well down the stretch. He had good control, as the story notes, but his other peripherals are pretty mediocre. It’s hard to judge a pitcher from Texas; it’s a tough place to pitch and the Rangers’ defense is lousy. But I’m afraid Thomson (that’s a very tough name for me to type, as you might expect) left his fastball in Colorado or on an operating table.

If the Braves score runs, Thomson won’t hold them back, but he’s not an ace. The Braves now have four starters, none of whom is better than a B level pitcher. That can work if your offense is good, as we saw last year. But right now the Braves’ offense doesn’t look nearly as good.

I can’t find any details on the contract other than the two years. Hopefully it’s not enough to keep the Braves from getting two bats, because they need offense if this is the pitching staff.