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Baseball Prospectus – Prospecting: Andy Marte

I think it’s a premium article. Here’s the conclusion:

Marte is one of the premier power prospects in the game, and his improving strike zone judgment gives hope that he could become a classic cleanup hitter. While we have yet to see how he will adjust to Double-A pitching, there are few prospects in baseball that are as intriguing as Andy Marte.

3 thoughts on “Don’t bother clicking”

  1. I’m praying for two things…

    A. that his plate discipline evolves so he can be great.

    B. that he doesn’t jump Richmond so I can see him here. Betemit be damned, we need some power prospects here.

  2. His walks are way up this year, which is a good sign. Power’s down a little, but that’s normal in that league, especially in that park. (Though he’s actually hit better in Myrtle.) I assume he’ll start out next year in Greenville and they’ll take it from there.

  3. Unrelated, but humorous: Anyone notice the Mets’ seven-game losing streak has put them 30 games behind the Braves?

    Ah, rich.

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