Apparently, after Scheurholz had put all his eggs in the basket of trading for Javier Vazquez, MLB told the Expos that they couldn’t deal off any of their high-priced players. The Orioles apparently wanted major leaguers for Sidney Ponson, and the Braves weren’t willing to give up Horacio Ramirez. The Giants did give up Damian Moss instead.

As it happens, there’s a report that the Braves have re-acquired Kent Mercker as a lefty setup man, but no word as to what they’d give up or who would lose their job. (But I expect Jung Bong would be sent down.) And ESPN is saying that the Braves didn’t make any moves at all.

At this stage, the situation shifts and the burden is on AOL. There will be a lot of players available in August because nobody wants to pick up a big contract. But then AOL would have to agree to take those contracts on, and I don’t think they will. I think that the Braves will probably pick up one more bat — likely an outfielder who hits righthanded — but this is it for pitching. And there is the disturbing possibility that Shane Reynolds not only will stay in the rotation, but will get postseason starts.