Houston 7, Atlanta 3

ESPN.com – MLB – Recap – Astros at Braves – 07/30/2003

It seems to me that the Braves leave a lot of runners on base. Tonight, it was 12 runners, as the Braves had eight hits, seven walks, and only three runs. One of those walks, but none of the hits, was by Marcus Giles. Pretty much everybody did something, but they just couldn’t get anything together for a rally. Their only extra-base hit was a leadoff double by Julio Franco.

Horacio Ramirez put the Braves in a big hole in the first, giving up four runs as the Astros batted around. His control was way off, with four walks and working behind much of the night. Really, he was lucky to get away with only five runs allowed in 5 1/3. Gryboski came on to let an inherited run score in the sixth.

The Braves had cut the lead back to two runs in the seventh, but Jason Marquis (in his second inning of work) allowed four hits and two runs. With Octavio Dotel and Billy Wagner going for the Astros, the game was pretty much over.

The Phillies and Marlins both won, pulling to 10 1/2 and 11 1/2 back, respectively… No trade yet, and time running out. Seriously, are the Braves going to go to postseason with this bullpen? The AJC thinks there’s a trade in the works, but it sounds like a starter.

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  1. From the AJC link:

    Teams can make trades through Aug. 31, but after today players must first clear waivers

    Actually, teams can make trades whenever they want, it’s just that postseason rosters must be set by September 1. I seem to remember that the Braves got Mike Bielecki and Damon Berryhill in a deal during the last week of the 1991 season, obviously too late for that year’s playoffs. But both contributed a good bit the next couple of years.

    As far as this year’s “bigger than smaller” deal(s) go, I see the Braves staying in on the Ponson sweepstakes, but getting outbid by the Cardinals and/or the Astros in the end. Atlanta probably ends up with Suppan. Schuerholz’s Milwaukee connection may net them DeJean as well (Dean Taylor is gone but most of the old baseball operations staff is still there I believe, and remember that Ned Yost is now the manager). Darren Bragg remains the big bat off the bench.

  2. The Reds seem to want to unload Danny Graves. Back to the pen perhaps, but how much would he cost?

  3. Graves has a huge contract, as you would expect for a guy who was once considered a top closer. He’s making $5 million this year, $6M next season and $6.25M in 2005, with an option and an “escalating buyout clause” for 2006.

    He also has a limited no-trade clause, where he can only be traded to four teams (not sure what those are). I think Graves is too expensive for Atlanta, unless they could get Cincy to pay part of his salary, which I doubt considering they’ve been getting cash back in every deal so far.

    By the way, lest you think I’m some sort of baseball economics genius, I’ve been getting all MLB salary data from this GREAT site:


  4. I sure hope we aren’t seeing Ramirez hitting a wall halfway through his rookie season. Not like it’s never happened to anyone else before, especially surprise spring training rotation rookies.

  5. Having seen a flurry of reliever trades the last few days, I was wondering what y’all thought of them – did the other teams – e.g. the Red Sox in the Williamson deal – give away more than you think the Braves should have? Or should the Braves have been in on those deals?

  6. I used to pitch fast-pitch softball, but I’m 63 now. Still, I have to think, after seeing the recent implosion of the relief corps, that I could at least get a tryout. Any support here ?

  7. It would be sad if Ramirez is hitting a wall, but if we do end up getting a starter, I certainly wouldn’t mind putting Ramirez in the pen. It seems to me that he would be a lot more effective in middle relief than would Shane Reynolds, and my guess is that neither would start in the postseason anyway, if we trade for a starter.

  8. Has anyone looked to see if Ramirez’s decline coincides with being put into the regular rotation? Without checking, it seems that despite the wailing and knashing of teeth here about being skipped occasionally, he was better when he was getting extra rest as the 5th starter.

  9. The deadline just happened and Schuerholz has done nothing. I am panicing. Does he not want to win it all this year?

  10. So much for all the Ponson talk and everything. Why say something when you are going to do nothing? Now the Giants are a hella hella good team and they’re gonna take it all. John Schuerholz has reached an all time low. Such a great season so far. Just needed an extra leg to get us over the hill and take it all!!!!!

  11. Actually, MS, I think another ARM would’ve been better. ;-)

    I’m not too pissed he didn’t do anything (assuming nothing will be announced soon). I mean, I think it would better for him to stand Pat than to give up Wainwright or Marte or something for a rent-an-arm like Ponson. Like doctors, the first rule for GMs should be “do no harm.”

  12. The Ponson deal is a bad one for the Giants. If we got outbid then Schuerholz was smart to not compete for a rent-a-pitcher without a great track record.

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