The Darren Bragg Experience

As noted, Chipper is out today after apparently straining his wrist on a swing last night. It was a right-handed swing, and you’ll probably recall he was having similar trouble earlier in the year. It’s quite possibly we’re going back to the ridiculous situation where Bragg platoons with Chipper — a lefthanded hitter getting all the starts against lefthanded pitching. That’s just nuts. If Chipper is going to be limited against lefties, they have to get a righthanded-hitting outfielder up.

4 thoughts on “The Darren Bragg Experience”

  1. Well, guess what? Just hit a two-run triple against Glavine!!Go figure..

    Anyway, I wouldn’t count on many more of those, so why don’t they just put Mark DeRosa in left against a lefty? He may not be good defensively out there (though not much worse than Bragg), but his hitting more than makes up for that.

  2. I’ve been hearing rumors that Seattle is trying to get an OF to take Randy Winn’s spot in LF. I think Winn would make a great 4th OF, but Seattle is probably thinking the same thing.

  3. Frankly, If we are going to have a left handed hitter face left handed pitching, why not have Chipper bat left handed only? If he can’t swing right handed I would rather see him hit lefty than watch Darren Bragg hit.

  4. I happened to be at that game and the next game when Bragg played again for Chipper. Chipper is my fav player but Bragg is my next fav player. He is great. No he is not the best defensivly but he is average, and he comes through with hits when he is most needed.

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